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May 2021

The Sonora Collection is a high performance, hot weather collection featuring two ultra-lightweight pieces with advanced moisture wicking technology.
The Sonora Hooded Shirt features UPF 50 and an attached hood perfect for multiuse, designed to keep the wearer protected from the sun, while also featuring a lightweight layer for cooler temperatures. Kryptek CoolingTM, a sweat-activated cooling technology that reduces fabric temperature, works to keep the user cool and comfortable while anti-microbial fabric prevents odor buildup and breakdown of material, effectively lengthening the life of the garment.
The Sonora Collection is available in brand new solid colors and Kryptek’s new camouflage pattern, Obskura Transitional. Obskura was born out of the vast experience and insight Kryptek gained through the U.S. Army Camo Improvement Effort and development efforts with other Foreign Militaries. In summary, the macro-pattern of Kryptek’s original family of patterns became the micro-pattern for Obskura, and elements inspired by the extensively proven Tiger Stripe Camo became the macro-pattern.
Effective worldwide with multi-environment flexibility, Kryptek Obskura dynamically breaks up the user's outline for a lower probability of detection and improves effectiveness of concealment at longer ranges with bolder, well-defined edges that cause abrupt transitions between colors and a multi-directional flow.
MSRP: $89.99
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