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February 2022

The BR4 ballistic rangefinder’s simple and intuitive design ensures quick and accurate firing solutions in MOA, MIL, or Shoot-to-Range in BDC. Equipped with a maximum 4,000-yard ranging capability and 10X magnification, you can range further with more accuracy and confidence. Multiple sensors reliably read out environmental factors such as pressure, temperature, wind, and even incline/decline to instantly provide accurate information. Meanwhile, its Bluetooth capability makes it possible to create and sync ballistic profiles in the field using the free Revic app. All of this works together to ensure quick and simple solutions in the heat of the moment, ensuring a timely and accurate shot. The lightweight Revic BR4 ballistic rangefinder combines efficiency with modern technology to bring you the best and latest in smart optics. More Gunwerks.
MSRP: $1,350
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