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December 2022
Author: Garth Jenson

Best of the West Arms has always pursued lightweight long-range rifle systems, and the next logical direction was the chassis platform. The chassis of choice was the MDT HNT26, the purpose-built hunting rifle chassis system. It is constructed of magnesium alloy and carbon fiber and has an adjustable cheek rest and length-of-pull. It has a foldable buttstock, AR-style pistol grip, and fore end with integral ARCA rail.

The Chassis Rifle System is proven to 1,000 yards with 1/2 MOA guaranteed and its lightweight, compact form is ready for deep backcountry hunting. It’s topped with a Huskemaw Optics riflescope with custom turret for fast range dialing and patented wind hold technology for accurate and precise shooting.

·       Caliber Options –6 Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 7mm PRC, 7mm Rem Mag, 28 Nosler, 300 Win Mag, and 300 PRC
·       Weight – 6.2 lbs. (Defiance anTiaction, 22" Proof Carbon Fiber barrel and no optics)
·       Overall Length – 43-1/2"
·       Folded Stock Length – 35-3/4"

“Best of the West hit a homerun with this new modern design, lightweight, compact rifle. The new Chassis rifle weighs as little as any lightweight mountain rifle but feels like a custom-molded bench shooting rifle. The sleek transition from fully extended stock to collapsed stock is smooth and only takes the push of a button. In its collapsed form, the entire gun is only 33" in length and is ideal for backpack hunts where space in your pack is of the utmost importance.

The foregrip on these rifles was also very thought out with both an arca swiss rail mount and a picatinny rail for bipod attachment. This unique design allows hunters to have the option of mounting their gun to a tripod or bipod for the best rest available for the situation. The detachable mag is also a plus for me as it allows for quick loading in states like Colorado that restrict you from having ammo in the mag while in an OHV.

This is not what most hunters and marksmen have grown up with from Best of the West, but this new modern Chassis rifle has the same high quality craftsmanship that all of us have come to expect from them along with the great additions I have mentioned.” – Garth Jenson, Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $10,450 (with Huskemaw scope)

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