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December 2021

If you’re a loyal applicant in the Arizona big game draws, you don’t want to miss out on the new opportunity they have created for those who have always wanted the extra bonus point for each species that, up until now, you could only earn by traveling to Arizona and taking the one- day field course and test in person. If you already have the permanent hunter education bonus point, you might as well ignore the rest of this article as you cannot have more than one permanent education bonus point.

For those of you without this extra permanent point, you want to make sure to get online and register for this online-only bonus point course at The course will cover basics about conservation, ethics, fair chase, etc. and is designed for adults at least 18 years old who have prior hunting experience. The course material is set as a 10-hour course, but we have not heard of anyone taking that long to complete the material and online test. The course cost is $300 for non-residents and $150 for Arizona residents.

Don’t forget that even when you draw a tag in Arizona, your bonus points will be purged, but you will be dropped back down to your permanent point level, which would be 1 education point and 1 loyalty point if you have applied for five consecutive years. You should never see a 0 point level in your account again!

Time is of the essence. You must complete this online course 30 days prior to the draw deadline day for the bonus point to be added to your account and be valid for the upcoming draw. Put it on your calendar as the draw deadline for elk and antelope is February 8, 2022.

Also, don’t forget to get your AZGFD Portal account created and validated. Many accounts have incorrect login information and bonus point totals. Log in now and take care of it early before the draw deadline is here!