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Diamondback HD Truck Bed Cover

April 2020
Author: Braxton Byers

For all those who want a truck bed cover for work or play, the Diamondback HD is the top-of-the-line heavy duty cover that helps you do more with your truck. It’s perfect for truck-owning avid sportsmen, outdoor enthusiasts, and weekend project warriors.

With a 1,600 lb. hauling capacity, where there’s a Diamondback HD, there’s a way. It’s built really, really strong, making it the most capable hard truck bed cover ever. A thick EPDM compression gasket runs along the perimeter of the cover to create a barrier to water, snow, or ice, keeping your cargo dry. Rugged, die-cast zinc lock handles on the access panels of a Diamondback keep your gear secure by actuating 3/8" deadbolt-style rods directly under the bed rails of your truck.

“Do you always worry about room when packing and planning for a hunt or long road trip? Do you feel nervous leaving valuable items in the bed of your truck? One way to get away from that problem is with Diamondback bed covers. You basically double the amount you can fit in the back of your truck, which allows you to do so much more than you could before. You can keep the important items dry and safe under the cover and load the ATV right on top. Having the ability to load so much weight on the bed cover is a huge help and time saver when you think about the alternative of pulling a trailer around on small, rough mountain roads.

You no longer have to worry about hauling all your important gear into the hotel room with you so it doesn’t get stolen. Just lock the hatches and go to bed with no worries. This bed cover is built as solid as they come, and a bonus is how awesome it looks on your truck. My wife and I have had a Diamondback HD on the back of our truck for the last few years and wouldn’t know what to do without it. It’s hauled our four-wheeler from New Mexico to Montana and back to Texas. We’ve hauled hay and multiple coolers on top, and luckily, a couple of big game racks as well. I promise you won’t be disappointed with this awesome American-made product on your truck.” – Braxton Byers, Hunt Advisor

     • 1,600 lb. hauling capacity
     • Heavy duty diamond plate aluminum
     • Dust/Waterproof
     • Zinc lock handles on access panels

MSRP: Diamondback HD – $1,729; Other options available

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