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Utah Mountain Goat Hunting


Utah Mountain Goat Hunting

Mountain goat hunts in Utah are managed for 100% success, for the most part. Any goat hunt in Utah is going to be in an area that has a good population. If you were to compare the physicality of hunts in Utah to most other western states, it would rank as one of the physically easiest mountain goat states. There are a few exceptions to this rule, obviously, as mountain goats will always live in the steepest areas they can find. Most of the Uintas units have the most rugged areas and oftentimes require backpacking 5+ miles in order to be successful.

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Non-residents will have six hunts to choose from in 2022. As stated above, every hunt provides ample opportunity for harvest. On average, Utah mountain goat hunts are not as physically demanding as other western states. There are a few of them that will test even the strongest backpacker with the steepness and vastness of the country the goats inhabit. All of the Uintas units are backpack type hunts and should be treated as such to give yourself the best chance at success.

Utah Mountain Goat Draw

Trophy potential across the state is good, but it can be difficult to find a goat that hits that 5011 mark. The hardest thing is just drawing a tag. The only hunt that currently allows for a non-resident preference tag is Beaver, which currently has two tags in the draw. Unfortunately, if you are one of the non-resident applicants with 23 points, you only have one option and hope that the one applicant with 24 just applies for another point this year instead of applying in the draw. The sad note is that the Division of Wildlife has granted two tags for the Unitas West unit but chose to allocate one of them in the WHCE Expo tags and put it up for grabs for both non-residents and residents.

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In the end, any mountain goat tag in Utah is a special tag. We always recommend applying for mountain goat in Utah if you are already applying for other species. Most of the tags, while a very small chance at drawing, are drawn in the random draw, so everyone has a chance. For a $15 application fee, it would be well worth it if you are one of the lucky ones to draw.

Utah Mountain Goat Season Dates

Each unit varies, but the seasons fall between September 10-November 30th.


Self Guided DIY Utah Mountain Goat Hunts

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Private Land, Semi-Guided, and Guided Mountain Goat Hunts in Utah

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Application Dates for Mountain Goat in Utah

The Utah Big Game application period deadline is 11:00 p.m. mst on March 3, 2022. The deadline to apply for bonus/preference points and to withdraw your application is March 17, 2022.

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Utah Non-Resident Mountain Goat Hunting Fees

Up-Front Fees
Non-Resident Hunting License $72
Youth (17 and younger) Non-Resident Hunting License $29
Application Fee per Species $15
Post Draw Fees (if successful)
Desert Bighorn Sheep $2,200
Rocky Bighorn Sheep $2,200
Moose $2,200
Rocky Mountain Goat $2,200
Bison $2,200
Limited-Entry Elk $1,000
Multi-Season Limited-Entry Elk $1,805
Youth Any Bull Elk $593
Premium Limited-Entry Buck Deer $768
Multi-Season Premium Limited-Entry Buck Deer $1,330
Limited-Entry and Limited-Entry Management Buck Deer $650
Multi-Season Limited-Entry Buck Deer $1,100
General Deer (archery, muzzleloader, rifle)
Dedicated Hunter Deer Program $1,047
Antelope $337



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