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Members may purchase back issues for $10 each as long as they are in stock. Only a limited number are printed. All years prior to 2009 are sold out or very limited. Call us for any issues later than 2009.

Issues Currently in Stock:

Month Contents
April 2018 eMag
April 2018
Kansas 2018, Maine 2018, Montana 2018, Nevada 2018
March 2018 eMag
March 2018
Colorado 2018, Idaho 2018, Kentucky 2018, Oregon 2018
February 2018 eMag
February 2018
Montana 2018, New Mexico 2018, Utah 2018
January 2018 eMag
January 2018
Arizona 2018, Wyoming 2018, Exclusive Articles
December 2017 eMag
December 2017
Alaska 2018, Member Stories, Species Overviews
November 2017 eMag
November 2017
Exclusive Articles, Member Stories, Species Overviews
October 2017 eMag
October 2017
Exclusive Articles, Member Stories, Wolf Season Update
September 2017 eMag
September 2017
Arizona Spring Draw, Montana Points Alert, Texas Desert Bighorn Sheep