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Robert Hanneman

Hunt Advisor

Robert Yukon WolfI spend half of my time in the Utah office and the other half in my Montana office. I am going into my fourth year with Huntin’ Fool, but I have been consulting and working with application services for the last decade. Knowing state regulations, draw statistics, and following high trophy potential areas are second nature to me. Since I was old enough to apply, I have been religious about understanding new guidelines, critiquing new areas, studying state statistics, and putting boots on the ground across the West. Every year, I apply for 20 different states and draw a few great tags. I have hunted from Mexico to Canada and Illinois to California. I average over 150 days in the field and hunt between five and seven different states per year. Ninety-nine percent of my hunts are self-guided and take place on public land. My strategy is to draw tags that provide the best opportunity for harvesting a trophy animal, no matter the weapon or season. Every year, you can find me out hunting with a bow, rifle, and muzzleloader. I enjoy hunting all big game, but my passion will always be mule deer. My lifelong goal is to kill the North American 29.

My passion for big game hunting and discovering what no one else knows yet is unquenchable, and, in turn, provides an immense amount of information to Huntin’ Fool members. My experience, knowledge, and talents are extremely valuable in helping members choose their western big game units and plan their hunts. I am extremely excited about going back to all Huntin’ Fool members having access to the Professional Hunt Advisors. I worked at Huntin’ Fool back when all members had access to the Professional Hunt Advisors and truly enjoyed helping members maximize their hunting opportunities!