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Logan Hedges Image

Logan Hedges

Hunt Advisor, Landowner Tag Specialist

I was born and raised in western Wyoming where I still live today with my wife, Kresta, and my sons, Brodie and Zane. I was fortunate enough to grow up where I could hunt, fish, and trap right out of my back door. If it had four legs, fins, or feathers, I was in pursuit. Hunting, for me, has changed over the years as I have grown older. It is not so much about the end product anymore as it is the adventure and the fun I have in getting there. There is nothing I enjoy more than riding my horses up a mountain trail in the dark to be glassing a high country basin at daylight in search of a mature mule deer.

My favorite species will always be mule deer, but pursuing bugling bulls with my bow is a close second. I am looking forward to speaking with and helping find the tags and hunts Huntin' Fool members are looking for. Give me a ring if there are any landowner tags you are interested in or if you are thinking about hunting in my neck of the woods. I would love to chat with and get to know you.