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Garth Jenson

Hunt Advisor

I’m 36, I live in Cedar City, Utah, and I am married and have two young daughters. I love to hunt and fish along with spending time with family and friends. My passion for hunting has mostly revolved around chasing mule deer, but as time goes on I really just enjoy hunting any game species that I can get a tag for.

Hunting to me is a little different than some as I look at hunting to challenge me and my abilities. I love the anticipation of what the morning glass will bring and matching my wits against an animal that has lived his whole life in an area and knows every escape route there is. I also love to explore new terrain and gain as much knowledge of the animals that live there as possible. The way I hunt is not a vacation nor is it work, it’s just simply a game that I am very fortunate to get to play on a yearly basis. For me, if I looked at hunting as a job, it wouldn’t be fun anymore, and if I looked at it as a vacation, I wouldn’t put as much effort into it as I needed to be successful. My job is at my Huntin’ Fool desk and in the fields, and my vacations are with my family at Disneyland or camping in the mountains.

I am really looking forward to being able to speak with ALL of the Huntin’ Fool members this year and sharing my knowledge and experience with you. This is truly a benefit that all members should have access to and take advantage of.