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$50k Dream Hunt Certificate


    By participating in the month of August, you'll automatically have a chance to win a 2024 West Texas Private Land Aoudad Hunt for 2!

    This hunt will take place in March of 2024 with Ky McNett, owner of Texas Hunting Resources. Aoudad hunting in the mountains of West Texas can be the most enjoyable, but the most brutal hunt the state can offer. These very rewarding Sheep hunts are typically all spot and stalk. You will spend hours of walking and glassing through the West Texas desert where these North African animals have learned to call home. This is a four-day hunt, with one half-day at arrival, three full days, and a half-day on departing. The outfitter will provide homestyle cooked meals and ranch house style lodging if available. This is a fully guided hunt with some of the most professional guides in the business. This is considered a trophy hunt where 30”+ 9-year-old+ rams are to be expected.
    Value: $12,320 | 4 Days | Moderate Physical Level | Any Weapon | March 2024


    1. Each month FIVE finalists are drawn.

    3 months = 15 finalists. The $50,000 Dream Hunt Certificate will be given away to one of the FIFTEEN finalists. You can be a finalist more than once.

    2. Entries are purged each month.

    Your $50,000 Dream Hunt Certificate entries are only valid for the month that you participate in. Be sure to participate each month for a chance to be a finalist.

    3. BONUS: You're automatically entered into the Monthly Hunt Giveaway.

    Based on your date of participation, you'll be entered to win that month's hunt giveaway. Make sure to participate each month to be eligible for all hunts!

    Open only to legal residents of the United States of America and the District of Columbia (U.S.), excluding Florida, New York, and Washington, and legal residents of Canada, excluding Quebec