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$50k Dream Hunt Certificate


    By participating in the month of September, you'll automatically have a chance to win a 2022 Colorado Private Land 4th Season Mule Deer for 2!

    Hunt with Mathew Schneider and Geneva Park Outfitters in Central Colorado on private land for rutting Mule Deer bucks with a leftover tag. Deer are only hunted on this ranch during the 4th season with a max of six hunters each year. Past hunters have had 100% success on 150-170” bucks. Hunters will stay in a rustic cabin and spot and stalk from ATV or 4x4. The opportunity to shoot a bull Elk for a $1,500 trophy fee will be offered if they are seen during the Deer hunt.


    1. Each month FIVE finalists are drawn.

    3 months = 15 finalists. The $50,000 Dream Hunt Certificate will be given away to one of the FIFTEEN finalists. You can be a finalist more than once.

    2. Entries are purged each month.

    Your $50,000 Dream Hunt Certificate entries are only valid for the month that you participate in. Be sure to participate each month for a chance to be a finalist.

    3. BONUS: You're automatically entered into the Monthly Hunt Giveaway.

    Based on your date of participation, you'll be entered to win that month's hunt giveaway. Make sure to participate each month to be eligible for all hunts!