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Bakcou Mule ST 26 eBike & SWT Trailer

  • $6108 VALUE
    The Mule ST 26 eBike was designed and engineered around the unparalleled power and performance of Bafangs ULTRA mid-drive motor. The Ultra motor is widely recognized as the “diesel engine” of fat tire electric bike mid-drive motors! In addition, the Ultra motor has all metal, heavy-duty gearing, combined with the intelligence of an integrated torque sensor. As a result, the Ultra motor is the most capable, durable, and efficient motor on the planet. 

    Additionally, the winner will receive a Hunting Cargo eBike Trailer. It is the best tool to get you and your gear to the top of a mountain and across a ridgeline trail on a single track. This trailer is designed to navigate through those tight corners and trails with a rear wheel/tire that also has a coiled shock to absorb the bumps and rocks.
    Membership Drives are only open to legal residents of the United States of America and the District of Columbia (U.S.), excluding Florida, New York and Washington and legal residents of Canada, excluding Quebec.
    Entry Period May 2 - June 30, 2023
    Drawing Date July 5, 2023
    Winner's Responsibility N/A