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Caribou Gear Carnivore III Game Bags

  • $71.99
  • 44 Points
  • Ultra light, reusable, and durable, these game bags are a perfect fit for a backcountry hunter. The Carnivore III game bags will hold a mature boned-out bull elk. These five game bags are designed with custom nylon fabric, reflective attachments, and cord locks.

    Package Contains:

    5 – 16″ Wide x 30″ Tall, logoed Game Meat Bags

    1 – Nylon Logoed Storage Bag Field Tips and Instructions

    Weight & Dimensions: 4″ Tall x 6.5″ Wide

    Package Weight 14 oz. (Game Bags)

    Package Weight 14 oz
    Dimensions Package: 4" Tall x 6.5" Wide
    Bags: 16" Wide x 30" Tall