Huntin' Fool Endorsed Maps

Accurate maps can be the difference between a successful hunt and losing an animal on private property. Knowing unit boundaries and marking waterholes, feed areas, and game trails are all key to increasing your chances of a successful hunt. This is why we have partnered with industry-leading map producers to provide you with the highest quality printed maps and map sets for your GPS, phone, or tablet. Printed and digital maps can easily be labeled and marked to help you identify key game areas, such as guzzlers, feed stations, and beds. With these accurate and high-quality maps, you will be able to easily identify and return to key hunting areas to take your trophy. All maps are printed on durable, waterproof paper and folded for field use. Digital device maps work without cell coverage or a data connection to help you pinpoint your location in the most rugged, out-of-service areas.


If you have a GPS or smartphone, you need to purchase a Premium GPS chip or subscription to OnXHunt. We recommend this for in-the-field scouting and for use during your hunt. Enter the promo code builttohunt at checkout to save 20% on the new Elite Membership.

Karta Maps

Karta Maps allows you to create a totally customized map for your area of interest, and they print and deliver via free priority service to your door or device. Their map builder website lets you choose from a library of base map styles (Aerial Imagery, Topography, Land Status, USGS, USFS, Canada) and then add overlays like game unit borders, navigation grids, labels, markers, and more! You can have it printed on waterproof fabric, standard synthetic, dry erase vinyl, or magnetic materials. Create your unique map at Karta.

Flatline Maps

For Arizona only hunts, we recommend purchasing the printed and/or digital version of Flatline Maps. See which units are available at