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Reduced Price Hunts

The following top-tier hunts have recently been discounted. These are open hunts available from our Endorsed Outfitters. Contact us at 435.865.1020 with the hunt code below for more information.

Dark Colored Stones in British Columbia

Hunt ID: WB0108
Species: Stone Sheep
Weapon(s): Rifle
Size: 36-40"+
Dates: August 14-26
Price:$45,000  $42,000

Hunt Dalls in the Brooks Range of Alaska

Hunt ID: WB0116
Species: Dall Sheep
Weapon(s): Rifle
Size: 36-40"
Dates: August 8-20 2017 (ANWAR)
Price:$19,450  $15,950

Trophy Moose and or Grizzly in Alaska

Hunt ID: WB0121
Species: Alaska/Yukon Moose
Weapon(s): Rifle
Size: 55-69"
Dates: September 9-22 2017 (Salmon River)
Price:$19,000   $14,000

Moose on the Alaskan Peninsula

Hunt ID: WB0238
Species: Alaska/Yukon Moose
Weapon(s): Rifle Archery
Size: 55-70"
Dates: September 5-15, 2017
Price:$20,000  $18,000

Alaskan Peninsula Brown Bear Hunt

Hunt ID: WB0479
Species: Brown Bear
Weapon(s): Rifle Archery
Size: 9-10'
Dates: October 1-10 2017
Price:$20,000   $18,000

Quality Dall Sheep in Alaska

Hunt ID: WB0117
Species: Dall Sheep
Weapon(s): Rifle
Size: 36-38"
Dates: August 20-31
Price:$17,000  $12,000

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