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"Don't follow the herd, follow your adventures."


Huntin' Fool Adventures Outfitter Specialist

I grew up in Northern Colorado. I spent my early years in the outdoors fishing, backpacking and trapping. The front range of the rockies was my home turf and these experiences helped me hone my skills for a lifetime in the outdoors and traveling remote parts of the world to hunt big game.


I bought my first big game license in 1969. The excitement of having a archery mule deer tag in my pocket was almost too much for this 14-year-old.  I'm sure my dad was as eager to drop his budding Fred Bear off at the base of the mountain as I was to start climbing up. God Bless my dad, he spent hours helping me hone the original Bear Razorheads hair splitting sharp.


Fast forward to the late 1970's and early 1980's. I started booking a few trips for myself and traveling out of state to hunt and fish. My interest in traveling to hunt steadily ramped up.  


The late 1980' I went to work for "The worlds foremost outfitter" Cabelas and then their newly minted Outdoor Adventures department. I averaged about 150 days a year researching and traveling potential hunting destinations worldwide. 


In 2000 I struck out on my own and we moved the family to Arizona. This move enabled me to be much closer to the Sonoran desert and my growing Coues deer and mule hunting operations. We continue to live in Arizona and continually enjoy our children and eight grandkids as well as the Arizona climate.


I have personally hunted southern and east Africa numerous times; I have escorted numerous groups to Russia and neighboring countries for mountain game, nearly all provinces of Canada, Alaska, New Zealand, Mexico and South America. I continue to have many goals to accomplish in the world of big game hunting. To this day i believe the biggest reward is having a client call describing their recent trip. Describing what a great adventure it was and how well prepared and educated they were.


After all, hunting is adventure!


I recommend calling one of our Huntin'Fool Adventures advisors for your upcoming hunt preparations.