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"A duck call in the hands of the unskilled is one of conservation’s greatest assets."


Huntin' Fool Adventures Wingshooting Specialist

I was introduced to the outdoors at a very early age and some of my earliest memories were of my time in the outdoors with my family.  As I grew into a teen the passion spread like wildfire. I knew I was meant to be in the outdoors. Anything I could hunt or fish for I would try and do. Small game, upland birds, big game, and every type of fishing, but I soon realized my absolute passion was waterfowl hunting and wing shooting. I was obsessed with the marsh… I was obsessed with shotguns. In my mid-twenties I joined the fire department, and I knew that in this profession I would have time to spend in the outdoors. I soon started guiding waterfowl hunters, and eventually started up my own outfitting service in the state of Washington. I then wanted to challenge myself and began capturing my hunts on video, and that’s where I taught myself video production. It soon lead to making hunting videos, and soon after television, where I produced and co-hosted two nationally syndicated hunting shows, “The Fowl Life” and “The Grind Waterfowl TV”. After 6 years of producing television, my career as a firefighter took me away from the cable networks and into a normal 8-to-5 day job as the Training Captain of the department I worked for. During this time I started the company GunDog Outdoors, a company that makes safety products for hunting dogs with the mission to educate new hunters and dog owners on the importance of gun dog safety. This was something I personally witnessed that was lacking in the industry. I have since retired from the fire service after 27 years, and I live on an amazing piece of land in South-central Montana. I am married, and I have two beautiful daughters. I have spent 40+ years chasing waterfowl, and traveling all around North America doing so. I’ve done seminars, countless podcasts, and written for hunting magazines on the subject of waterfowl hunting. I’ve been told that, “if you crack my head open… feathers will fall out”! I think about bird hunting 365 days a year and it has absolutely consumed my entire life in a way I can’t even explain. I absolutely love being in the blind with people who have the same passion as me, and I really love introducing new hunters to this amazing life style.