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Canada Wolf Trapline Tour


Saskatchewan Canada Wolf Trapline Tour HFEO500

Join this outfitter on a 5 day trapline tour while staying in a 5 star lodge. It is located along the shores of Lac Des Isles Lake with 4 bedrooms sleeping 8 comfortably. From here we can skidoo 5 minutes across the lake and be into the 325 square mile fur block. Typically during the tours there is a quieter day in the middle of the trip. Last year we would designate this day for coyote snaring. We can still do that, but we are also offering a few new options for guests to help add to their overall experience.

1 - Ice fishing for Northern Pike and Walleye out on Lac Des Isles Lake. The only additional fee for this would be the $40 Saskatchewan fishing license. Fresh fish for supper! 20+ lb Northerns are caught through the ice here every winter.
2 - Shed hunting - For those interested we can spend the day out on snowmobile searching for freshly dropped Whitetail antlers. Any of the sheds found can be taken back home by the client. No additional charge.

With the winter months usually the quietest for all outdoorsman, our trapline tours present a great opportunity for a unique, social, and memorable experience, for all ages! With most outfitters having little to 0 space available for their 2021 seasons this is something you guys and your clients can jump on.

For those asking, we’ve trapped 32 wolves (both footholds and snares) in the last two winters and have only stepped foot in approximately a quarter of the fur block during this time. We are currently 100% on all clients catching wolves with an average of 1.75 wolves/person on our trapline tours to date. Included in the price of the trip, all guests are guaranteed one wolf to take home, with the option to purchase more wolves or any other fur bearing animals that were caught.

With wolves being the primary focus the following animals are also targeted:
If guests would like to spend more time going after the small game listed above, we can do so!

Success Rate:
Bear - Black, Wolf
State / Province:
Any Weapon
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Endorsed Outfitters, Fully-Guided
Hunt Methods(s):
ATV/UTV, Truck
Licenses & Permits
Req. Permit Type:
General (OTC)
There is no data available.
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  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Weapon
  • Lodge
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isaiah joner
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(435) 865-1020
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A young, motivated filming and outfitting company based out of Alberta & Saskatchewan, those involved in Wheat Kings live their lives in the outdoors. Endless hours spent in the field studying and pursuing world class big game with friends and family is what they live for, every year releasing new productions to film which are filled with endless realism and the raw emotion of hunting trophy calibre big game animals. All of their adventures revolve around the “Do It Yourself” style of hunting which the majority of outdoorsmen experience.