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Unit 11 Private Land Whitetail Hunt


Unit 11 Cancellation Private Land Whitetail HFEO403

If you currently have a unit 11 Kansas deer permit for the 2020 season and looking for an archery, muzzleloder or rifle hunt, then give us a call. With Covid 19 this outfitter has had several clients cancel hunts. He has openings for the archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunts for 2020. This is a private land hunt with potential for 140-160+ bucks.

Success Rate:
Hunt Avg. Size:
Deer - Whitetail
State / Province:
Any Weapon
Hunt Difficulty:
Hunt Type(s):
Endorsed Outfitters, Reduced Price Hunts, Semi-Guided
Hunt Methods(s):
Ground Blind, Treestand
Licenses & Permits
Req. Permit Type:
Unit Number(s):
There is no data available.
  • Hunt Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • License
  • Lodge
Booking Name:
Booking Phone #:
(435) 865-1020
Booking Email:
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Last Updated:
"When you are choosing the proper outfitter please ask yourself are you looking for a run of the mill outfitter or a hunt of a lifetime. If your answer is a hunt of a lifetime than Wheelers Whitetails is the only choice for you. As you can see below Mike is a whitetail expert that has dedicated his life to the pursuit of giant whitetails.

The Guide:
* Has guided trophy whitetail hunts since 1989
* Since 2003 65% of his hunters bagged the biggest buck of
their life (90% had the opportunity)
* All free range and fair chase

The Food Plot Expert:
* Manages 7,500 acres of prime trophy whitetail land
* Plants and maintains over 50 food plots
(and has done so since 1988)
* Extensive use of mineral stations for deer nutrition and antler growth

The Scouting Guru:
* Has thousands of scouting camera pictures each season
* Stategically locates over 100 stands
* Spends over 500 hours per year scouting and
shed hunting

The Hunter:
* 27 P&Y whitetails up to 200" gross (20 over 150")
* Passes on average of 25 P&Y bucks each year
* Spends an average of 350 hours on stand each year
Remember to hunt trophy whitetails there
is only one way the Wheeler Way!"