Spring Bear Hunt

Spring Bear Hunt in Alaska

  • HFEO260
  • USA
  • Alaska
  • May 2020 - May 2020
  • Archery/Rifle
  • Bear - Brown
  • Braxton Byers
  • (435) 865-1020
  • outfitters@huntinfool.com
  • Active
  • 1/20/2020
  • 85%
  • 9-10'
  • Moderate
  • $28,000
  • $28,000.00
  • No
Licenses and Permits
  • General (OTC)

From this location, you will start the hunt climbing to a high point each morning and glassing for bears. You may choose to backpack a spike camp with basic gear into the more remote reaches of the valleys, if necessary. This would be with small two-man backpack tents (one for the hunter and one for the guides) and freeze-dried food for maximum mobility, similar to a sheep hunt. Everything you would need for the hunt, you will all carry on your backs until you reach a suitable location to set up camp with a good observation point nearby. This method of hunting enables the outfitter to get to the most remote areas where the largest boars are and puts hunters in easy strike range.

Being in good backpacking shape is a must for this hunt. Pre-hunt physical preparation is key, but most importantly, hunters need to have a positive mental attitude! This outfitter is the best at what they do and can work with nearly anyone to make the hunt successful.

Once a large boar is spotted, the stalk is planned. There are many factors that can determine what you do on a stalk - wind direction, the bear’s direction of travel, time of day, and distance, just to name a few. Properly sizing a bear and executing a stalk can be very challenging, but the outfitter is very good at it. When you harvest the bear, they skin it, pack it back to camp and flesh it, and then prepare for the plane to come and get you. This marks the end of your hunt. A spring brown bear Hunt is an experience that is second to none!

Hunt Length

15 days

Hunt Types
  • Endorsed Outfitters
  • Fully-Guided
Hunt Methods
  • Hiking
  • Spot and Stalk
  • Cabin
  • Wall Tent
  • Mountain Tents
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • License
About Outfitter

The Alaska Peninsula is home to some of the largest bears in the world and supports some of the healthiest populations, due in no small part to its excellent habitat with its massive salmon runs. The drainages of the areas the outfitter hunts flow into Bristol Bay, home to the largest salmon runs in the world.


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