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Trophy Peninsula Brown Bear Hunt



Exclusive Hunt Area - Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear Hunt HFEO299

Over the years, this outfitter has taken some beautiful large brown bears in their Exclusive Guide Use Area within the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.

This hunt is conducted out of a temporary base camp, and while there is daily hiking involved, it’s not nearly as physically demanding as the outfitter's trophy Dall sheep hunts. x

May 2024 - October 2025
Success Rate:
Hunt Avg. Size:
Bear - Brown
State / Province:
Hunt Duration:
16 days
Hunt Difficulty:
Hunt Type(s):
Endorsed Outfitters, Fully-Guided
Hunt Methods(s):
Hiking, Spot and Stalk
May, October
Licenses & Permits
Req. Permit Type:
General (OTC)
Unit Number(s):
QtyStart DateEnd DateDurationPrice
2 05/10/2024 05/25/2024 16 days
3 10/01/2025 10/14/2025 15 days
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Charter Flight
  • License
  • Wall Tent
  • Mountain Tents
Round trip Fly-in Fee from Cold Bay, AK into Camp: $1,200
Booking Name:
Braxton Byers
Booking Phone #:
(435) 865-1020
Booking Email:
Hunt ID:
Last Updated:
If you’ve dreamed of big game adventure hunting in Alaska and are interested in a superior, top quality, exciting and successful hunting experience, join this outfitter in Alaska.

You’ll enjoy some of the most dynamic and beautiful wilderness in the world in, among other areas we guide in, my two exclusive – use guide areas within National Wildlife Refuges and receive the finest guiding expertise, personal service and attention to detail found anywhere.

We offer traditional, authentic, comfortable wilderness experiences and true adventure hunting at its finest. You’ll stay in wall-type tents at the base camps and geodesic, backpacking tents in spike camps; along with all the wilderness comforts that don’t require electricity. When in any of our base camps, you will be served hearty full- course meals such as eggs, bacon, pancakes, omelets, fresh fruits, smoked salmon, steak, chicken, wild game meat, pastas, fresh salads and breads. If you travel to any of our spike camps, we will provide you with an array of delicious lightweight meals and other fine high-energy foods. We are also very conscious of some individual’s specific dietary needs and will adjust the menus to suit those needs when possible. As a result of my attention to detail, you’ll have a unique Alaskan hunting adventure in which you’ll be comfortable, dry and well fed with delicious and nutritious food.