Trophy Artic Grizzly Hunt

Trophy Arctic Grizzly Hunt in Alaska

  • HFEO283
  • USA
  • Alaska
  • August 2020 - August 2020
  • Archery/Rifle
  • Bear - Grizzly
  • Braxton Byers
  • (435) 865-1020
  • Active
  • 4/30/2020
  • 85%
  • 8'
  • Moderate
  • Normal Price $18,950
  • $12,450.00
  • Yes
Licenses and Permits
  • General (OTC)
  • $6,500.00

Over the years, this outfitter has taken some beautiful Arctic grizzly in their Exclusive Guide Use Area within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as additional species to be harvested during their trophy Dall sheep hunts. They also offer a great hunt specifically for Arctic grizzly as the hunter's primary species. These bears have typically been in the 8’6” to 7’6” range with beautiful coloration ranging from the classic look of blonde bodies with dark legs to chocolate colored bears. These are true Arctic grizzlies as they inhabit a region well away from the coastal areas of Alaska.

This hunt is conducted out of a temporary base camp, and while there is daily hiking involved, it’s not nearly as physically demanding as the outfitter's trophy Dall sheep hunts. Though there are two of the outfitter's Dall sheep hunters hunting in the area of approximately 1.3 million acres, they will only have one hunter in the area during the hunt period who is focusing on harvesting a nice Arctic grizzly.

Hunt Length

11 days - August 20th to September 1st

Hunt Types
  • Endorsed Outfitters
  • Reduced Price Hunts
  • Fully-Guided
Hunt Methods
  • Hiking
  • Spot and Stalk
  • Wall Tent
  • Mountain Tents
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • License
Travel Notes

Round trip Fly-in Fee from Coldfoot, AK into Camp: $1,100


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