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DIY Moose Hunt Boat Rental



DIY Moose Hunt Boat Rental on the Yukon River HFEO2021

This is a unique opportunity for a boat rental in unit 18 on the lower portion of the Yukon River. There are currently two, week-long openings for non-residents or residents and up to four week-long openings for residents in 2021. Alaska Residents may hunt prior to Sept 1.

The rate for the boat rental is $6000 for the boat for one week and the boat has the capacity to carry up to three hunters with normal amounts of equipment. The rental may be divided among the members of the hunting party. The rental includes mobilization of the boat to our base camp near Russian Mission. It also includes all accessories normal and necessary to operate the boat safely on the waters surrounding the area. It also includes free camping at our base camp on our 80 acre waterfront property and boat transport to and from the airport to base camp.

We are not a licensed transporter and cannot set up a camp for you or provide you any assistance with your hunt. This is an offer for experienced wilderness hunters, Some boat handling skill is desirable as well.

We will accept bookings on a first-come, first-served basis, A deposit will be required to secure your time slot.

You can go to our web site for more information on our services. For photos of previous moose seasons, you may visit our Instagram page lower_yukon_moose

For more information and booking, you may contact us at 907-740-8843 or e mail

August 2022 - September 2022
Success Rate:
Hunt Avg. Size:
Moose - AK Yukon
State / Province:
Any Weapon
Hunt Duration:
7 Days
Hunt Difficulty:
Hunt Type(s):
DIY, Endorsed Outfitters, Reduced Price Hunts
Hunt Methods(s):
Boat, Hiking, Spot and Stalk
Licenses & Permits
Req. Permit Type:
General (OTC)
Unit Number(s):
QtyStart DateEnd DateDurationPrice
2 08/01/2022 09/30/2022 7 Days
  • Hunt Transportation
  • Charter Flight
  • Hotel
  • License
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Wall Tent
  • Mountain Tents
Must fly to Bethel, AK and charter into Russian Mission, AK
This is a boat rental service for DIY moose hunters. The boat rental for the week is $6,000 and it can carry up to three hunters and gear. AK Residents may hunt prior to Sept 1. 
Booking Name:
Isaiah Joner
Booking Phone #:
(435) 865-1020
Booking Email:
Hunt ID:
Last Updated: