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MAGAZINE DELIVERY BY VANESSA HUNT I LEAD EDITOR n our last “Step Inside Huntin’ Fool” article, we left off with the process of Sun Print Solutions delivering the printed magazines to the Post Office. There are many factors that can affect the delivery of your magazine, but we, along with Sun Print Solutions and the Postal Service, work tirelessly to ensure your magazine is delivered to you as quickly as possible. The biggest factor, on our end, when it comes to magazines being delivered later than normal is when states release their regulations. Each year, we work to ensure you are receiving the most up-to- date hunt information. In order for us to print that current information, we are sometimes forced to wait for states to release their updated regulations. However, once we have the regulations and have updated our state section information, we send the magazine off to the printer as soon as possible. At Sun Print Solutions, they work quickly and efficiently to get all of our magazines printed and bound in a timely manner. They then deliver the magazines to the Postal Service where the magazines are sorted in Utah and sent to their respective locations. At this point, most magazines will have to go to another location to be sorted again before they reach their final destination to be taken out for delivery. An example is that magazines in the Utah area are sorted in Salt Lake City and then sent south to Provo to be sorted again before they move on. As these magazines are moving along the shipping process, the biggest issue the Postal Service faces is weather. Storms may hold up the delivery of your magazine, but know that the magazine is not just sitting in your local Post Office. While every Post Office is run differently, they all work to get every piece of mail out of their office and delivered to you as soon as possible, almost always the same day the magazine arrives at their facility. Although magazines are classified as periodicals, the Postal Service works to get your magazine delivered as quickly as possible. With the Postal Service, we have a tracking method wherein we can type in your zip code and see where in the delivery process your magazine is. A high percentage of our magazines are scanned when they arrive at each postal facility on their way to you, and this scan allows us to see where your magazine is when we look it up. If you have any problems with the delivery of your magazine, please contact our office at 435-865-1020. Our administrative assistants will be happy to look up the tracking information for your magazine to let you know when you can expect your issue of Huntin’ Fool in your mailbox. OUR STAFF UTILIZES A TRACKING SYSTEM TO LET YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR MAGAZINE WILL ARRIVE. 8 VISIT WWW.HUNTINFOOL.COM/EMAG If you find yourself waiting for your copy of Huntin’ Fool when you are ready to get started on your next application, rest assured that we have an option ready and waiting for you to utilize at the click of a button. Our eMag option comes standard with your Huntin’ Fool membership, and this online version of the magazine is available to you soon after we have sent the magazine to the printer. The eMag contains the same information as the print copy, but it is available to you much sooner. It is a great way for you to access the state information you need as soon as you are ready for it. We hope that these “Step Inside Huntin’ Fool” articles have given you some insight into what goes into creating your magazine and delivering it to you each month. Between Sun Print Solutions, the Postal Service, and Huntin’ Fool, we work as quickly and efficiently as we can to bring you the best and most up-to-date hunting information available. If you have any questions regarding your magazine, please feel free to contact our office. As we head into the next application season, look for more “Step Inside Huntin’ Fool” articles where we will cover different aspects of our business and what goes on within the walls of our office.