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JERROD LILE HUNTIN’ FOOL CEO PROFESSIONAL HUNT ADVISOR H igh school wrestling matches consist of three two-minute periods. Six minutes of leaving it all on the mat and it’s over. If you’ve wrestled, you know it is the longest six minutes of your life. You also know it is only six short minutes. As time winds down in each period, great coaches can be heard shouting, “Short time!” to their athletes as an encouragement to score, to prevent their opponent from scoring, and to remind them that time is just about up. On October 25 th , Kenny Marjerrison passed away in a car accident at the age of 34. He was a husband, a father, a son, a friend, and a pillar in the small community of Plains, Montana. He was also a wrestling coach and a mentor to my two sons, and I’ll be forever grateful for his influence in their lives. I miss him with all of my heart. Kenny truly lived his life as if he knew his time was short. Of the many people I’ve been privileged to know, few, if any, did more for others, packed more into each day, or strove to make more memories than him. His passing reminds those of us who knew him that we never have enough time. Huntin’ Fool members represent a special community. I’d argue that our members are some of the hardest working people in this great country we call home. Unfortunately, that work ethic combined with technology and increasing expectations makes our limited time in the field more and more precious every year. I know that many of us, including myself, find ourselves waiting. We wait for tags, wait for the right time to do something important, or wait for some unforeseen event that inspires us to make more of the time we have. When you receive this issue, New Year’s resolutions will be a consideration for many of us. In light of Kenny’s early departure, my primary resolution will be to treat my short time for the gift that it is. I am going to do some things I’ve been waiting for the right time to do so that I can continue to make the kind of memories that transcend the fluorescent lights of the office – memories that surround you with the fluttering yellow aspen leaves of fall, the COACH KENNY PREPPING JAKE LILE FOR HIS FINAL HIGH SCHOOL MATCH 6 COACH KENNY WITH HIS WIFE, KASSY, AND KOLTER AND MADY MARJERRISON sound of screaming bull elk, the icy winds of the Alaska tundra, the smell of sage, and midday naps under the cool blue skies of October. As the new year approaches, I’d encourage us to do our best to stop waiting. Take your kids hunting. Hunt a state for the first time. Punch out and disconnect from technology. Reconnect with those you love. Like a wrestler and like my dear friend, Kenny, make the most of your own short time! COACH KENNY EMBRACING LUKE LILE AFTER A HARD-EARNED VICTORY PRACTICING RODENT CONTROL ON GROUND SQUIRRELS WITH MY DAD, DON LILE, MY SONS, JAKE AND LUKE, AND MY NEPHEW, WYATT HUSTON, ON A FINE SPRING DAY. MEMORIES LIKE THIS ARE INCREASINGLY PRECIOUS AS TIME BECOMES MORE SCARCE.