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ROBERT HANNEMAN PROFESSIONAL HUNT ADVISOR A s I sit down to write this October Soapbox, I find myself in archery elk camp in Montana. I am wishing for cooler weather and for the rut to pick up as it is brutally hot. The skies are filled with smoke as there are still a lot of fires burning in Montana. As I dream of arrowing the big bull I have scouted, I can’t help but think of all the great animals that have already been harvested this season. If you are on Instagram or Facebook, I am sure your feeds have been filled with smiling hunters who are proud of the trophies they have harvested. Speaking of proud hunters, my boys have already punched two tags with many more to come before the season is over. My middle son, Caleb, killed his first elk at 10 years old, which made his dad very proud. A good friend of mine, Sparky Sparks, invited my boys down to hunt cows on his Idaho M2D properties. We had a great hunt, and I look forward to taking my youngest son, Colter, there when he turns 10. It is a great opportunity to hunt cows with a rifle in August before my boys start school. My favorite part of this issue is the wolf hunting section. Every October issue holds our yearly breakdown of the wolf hunting opportunities in the West. If harvesting a wolf is on your bucket list, you should take the time to read the wolf section. There is a lot of good information in there, and when it comes to hunting wolves, we need all the help we can get as the wolf hunting success is lower than any other species out west. Most of the wolves harvested in Idaho and Montana were taken by deer and elk hunters who came across a wolf. This is a great reason to purchase a wolf tag if you plan on hunting deer or elk in Montana or Idaho. The Huntin’ Fool PHAs have spent countless days in pursuit of wolves and a total of three have been harvested. You can bet we will be hunting them in Montana and Idaho again this year. I recently received a text from a good friend who killed a 240" buck in Utah with a bow. It is one of the more impressive bucks I have seen in the last couple of years. The year 2017 was definitely great across the West for horn growth. There have already been a number of 200" bucks and a handful of 400"+ bulls taken. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings. The way most people share hunting photos is constantly changing. Most hunters are taking photos with their phones and putting them on social media as soon as they get to the animal. However, you should always take some time to get quality pictures with a high-quality digital camera. Phone pictures work well for social media, but if you want your pictures showcased in this great magazine, we need them to be high resolution. Once you get home, email your high- resolution pictures to Heidi at so we can share in your success. Good luck the rest of the fall! CALEB WITH HIS FAMILY AND HIS FIRST ELK IN IDAHO 6