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THE MONTHLY MAGAZINE PROCESS BY VANESSA HUNT S LEAD EDITOR “ tep Inside Huntin’ Fool” is a new series of articles we’ll be featuring throughout multiple issues to give our members an idea of what goes on within the Huntin’ Fool office. To kick things off, this article will cover the monthly operations within the Huntin’ Fool Art Department. Here, you’ll find out just what it takes to put together each issue of our magazine. Each month, our members go to their mailboxes and find a crisp, new Huntin’ Fool magazine waiting for them, but what goes on in those days between the delivery of each issue? It’s a process that begins months in advance, starting with a planning meeting and ending with you holding the finished magazine in your hands. At the end of each calendar year, the Huntin’ Fool Art Department and the Professional Hunt Advisors convene in the Huntin’ Fool conference room to discuss the content of the upcoming year’s 12 magazines. Going month by month, this group brainstorms article MAGAZINE MEETING TO DISCUSS UPCOMING MAGAZINE ARTICLES ideas that would best fit in each issue according to the state sections contained therein. These articles range from gear reviews to information the Professional Hunt Advisors have found useful in the field and want to pass along to our members to help them be more successful. As these articles are being discussed, authors are assigned, keeping a tally of which PHA is in charge of each article so as to keep a balance amongst the content generators. Once the content is finalized, Heidi, our Graphic Design Assistant, inputs it into a master spreadsheet. Two months before a magazine is scheduled to go to press, Heidi passes out deadline sheets to all Professional Hunt Advisors and members of the Art Department. Now, these deadlines aren’t just arbitrary. To make sure our magazine is delivered to the press and then to you in a timely manner, Heidi looks at the date the magazine is to be sent to press and works backwards, TIMELINE OF A HUNTIN’ FOOL ARTICLE LEAD EDITOR EDITOR-IN-CHIEF GRAPHIC DESIGNER PLANNING MEETING 8 GRAPHIC DESIGNER LAYS OUT TEXT AND PHOTOS TOGETHER ARTICLE TOPIC CHOSEN DESIGNED ARTICLE IS PASSED TO LEAD EDITOR EDITED ARTICLE IS PASSED TO PHA AUTHOR ASSIGNED TO PHA EDITED ARTICLE IS PASSED TO EDITOR-IN-CHIEF DEADLINE SET EDITED ARTICLE IS PASSED BACK TO GRAPHIC DESIGNER PHA WRITES ARTICLE GRAPHIC DESIGNER MAKES CHANGES