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GARTH JENSON PROFESSIONAL HUNT ADVISOR I t’s finally here! Hunting season is upon us, and it seems like there are too many places and opportunities to hunt and not enough time in the fall to get to them all. Every year, I try to plan out my hunting schedule for the next year based off the points I have or don’t have in various states, and oftentimes, most of my hunting is done on leftover, over-the-counter, or landowner permits as they are more guaranteed than draw tags. What I have found over the years is that I cherish these easily drawn or over-the-counter hunts a lot more than most of the trophy hunts that required years of applying, and there are three reasons why. The first reason is that any knowledge I gain from this area I can take back with me year after year to build a solid base for continued success in the future and have a great spot to go back to if my draw permits don’t pan out. The second reason is that if you learn how to hunt in heavily hunted areas for elk or deer, it will make you a better hunter in the long run and when you do finally draw that tag-of-a- lifetime you will have the upper hand on those animals that don’t react nearly as much to hunting pressure as they do in the heavily hunted zones. The most important and somewhat silent third reason is that most of these easily drawn permits don’t come with that immense amount of pressure to capitalize on this possibly once-in-a-lifetime hunt so I can focus on what is truly important, which is being out in the woods and experiencing hunting as I believe it was meant to be experienced. have a trophy tag or simply experiencing the beauty of the West with a weapon in hand, ready to take advantage of this great opportunity we have as Americans to be able to pursue and harvest wild game on public land. I use these hunts to explore new areas and soak up as much country as I can because we are only here for a short amount of time and I want to see and witness as much of it as I can while I’m here. Do yourself a favor, buy a general tag and become a better hunter, experience new places, and get some of your zen back! If there was a moral to this article, I guess it would be that the only excuse to not being able to hunt every year and get some of your zen back in check is that you have looked at these general type hunts as not worthy of your time based solely on your chance of success on a trophy class animal. Try looking at these hunts as training for the big show when you SARITA JENSON WITH HER UTAH GENERAL SEASON ARCHERY BUCK BUCKS TAKEN ON A ONE-POINT UNIT IN COLORADO DURING THE THIRD SEASON 6