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LIGHTS, CAMERA, AND TRUE ACTION S TA F F A R T I C L E AUSTIN ATKINSON PROFESSIONAL HUNT ADVISOR A t the center of Huntin’ Fool is a community of members who love hunting and the outdoors. The icon for this community has always been the magazine where we find high-quality paper, editorials, and, of course, imagery. We feel blessed to be able to sort through thousands of photos every year as we put together the magazine for you. Each photo represents special time spent in the field and vital moments in the hunters’ lives. Oftentimes, we receive photos of amazing scenery or a giant trophy, but the photo quality misses the mark to be printed in the magazine. Undoubtedly, no hunter will leave the trailhead without having a reliable flashlight in their backpack, and some of us have grown to feel the same way about our cameras. Of course, the added weight is cumbersome on backpack style hunts, but I promise you, it is worth it! US I N G Y O UR P H ONE W IS ELY Our first go-to camera is typically the one built inside of our smartphone. Phones have become so prevalent with 10 SUPPLEMENTAL VIDEO TAKEN WITH THE USE OF THE PHONE SKOPE ADAPTER hunters today that many seem to forget their larger digital camera on their hunts. I feel that a successful photographed hunt should be the result of using your phone and digital camera properly. First and foremost, I recommend using your phone as a hunting tool more than just a backup camera. Personally, I now rely on my phone for mapping, for satellite text communication with the Garmin inReach device, as a ballistics calculator, as a backup flashlight, and JUDGING A DALL SHEEP TO BE “FULL CURL” WITH THE PHONE SKOPE ADAPTER for taking photos and short videos. I have not yet replaced my handheld GPS with my smartphone, but with the new HUNT by onXmaps app, I am highly considering it for this season. Second to being a tool to improve your hunt, you should use your phone as a camera. Your phone’s camera has a super small lens and an even smaller sensor, but it does have a purpose in your hunt. First, I suggest planning your routes with photos. Oftentimes before you leave your glassing spot to initiate your stalk it can be very difficult to navigate the opposite hillside once