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SPRINGTIME ADDICTION! S TA F F A R T I C L E JEFF WARREN PROFESSIONAL HUNT ADVISOR OUTFITTER SPECIALIST F inally, the lid is off the icebox, days are lengthening, snow is melting, bears are stirring, songbirds are active, boss toms are gobbling on sunny days, and my desire to chase these “feathered elk” is out of control. I am absolutely addicted to spring turkey hunting because they can be called in by someone who knows how to sound like a lonely hen or hens. I try to hunt three to four different states every year as tags are easy to obtain and I usually don’t have to drive very many hours to arrive in good turkey country. My two sons and I, along with my three grandsons and a good friend of mine, are equally addicted to chasing long beards, and I couldn’t have better hunting partners. Until you have personally experienced watching a youngster harvest a strutting tom or taking one yourself that is coming to decoys completely fooled, you have not lived. We try to hunt Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico each spring. If we can work additional states into the schedule and get our better halves to agree to more trips, we will hit these additional states. For me, the thrill of hunting turkeys is not the actual taking of the bird, but rather the hunting of the bird. Once we arrive in turkey country, we look for fresh sign along roadways and trails, and late in the day, we all go in different directions and listen for toms gobbling on the roost just before dark. It is exciting to meet back up at our arranged spot after dark to see who has a tom located for the morning hunt. Pinpointing roost trees, figuring out likely pitchout spots for decoy placement, and using just the right amount of sounds that relaxed turkeys make is the addictive part of turkey hunting for our crew. If we don’t call them in when they are leaving the roost, we enjoy figuring out how to set up on them as they make their daily loops through their feeding and loafing areas. We pursue them all day long. The guys in the JEFF’S SON, NIC, AND GRANDSON,, NIXON, WITH THEIR UTAH TOM 10 JEFF WITH HIS COLORADO HIGH COUNTRY TOM