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LOGAN HEDGES PROFESSIONAL HUNT ADVISOR LANDOWNER TAG SPECIALIST t’s hard to believe that 2016 is gone and a new year is already upon us. It seems like just the other day I was in the mountains chasing buc s and bulls. This last fall was one will ne er forget. was fortunate enough to be part of several great hunts with family and friends. hope all of you had a successful fall as well, either by harvesting an animal or ust spending time outdoors, ma ing memories. ith the new year in full swing, it is time to get a plan in place for the upcoming fall. Hopefully you ha e the points necessary to draw that tag this year you have been dreaming of, but if not and lady luck does not shine upon you in the random draw, there is an alternati e. andowner tags are a great way to bypass the draw, and they are a ailable in se eral states. Colorado and ew Mexico are the most popular states that o er landowner tags and have a large number of tags a ailable. Colorado recently changed their landowner tag program, so the brokering of landowner tags is no longer allowed. n order to comply with this rule, we made our website available to Colorado landowners to list their tags and contact information so our members could see what tags were available and then reach out to those landowners. Landowner tags in Colorado are season speci c and only allow hunters to hunt during the season dates found within their hunting regulations. 8 ew Mexico has many options for hunters when it comes to landowner tags. f you want to hunt el or antelope, ew Mexico is a great place to go. The landowner elk tags are designated as either “ranch only” or “unit wide,” but the antelope tags are all ranch speci c. Huntin’ Fool deals mainly with the unit wide landowner tags. These tags are good for the entire game management unit, all public land, and any participating ranch located within that unit. There are three types of el landowner tags in ew Mexico either-sex archery, antlerless, and mature bull. Once a hunter purchases a landowner tag in ew Mexico, they are given an authorization number and ranch identi cation number. The hunter then needs to go to the ew Mexico Game and Fish website and select the season they want to hunt. e ada’s landowner tag system is uni ue and gi es hunters more pri ileges than drawing a tag through the regular draw. andowner el tags re uire the hunter to select one of the available seasons in that unit. andowner deer tags allow the hunter to hunt all of the seasons within the unit until they har est an animal. e ada o ers three seasons archery, mu leloader, and ri e. Each unit o ers di erent season dates, so the number of days is di erent, depending on the unit you purchase a landowner tag in. e ada has the highest priced landowner tags by far due to a very limited number of tags, but if you consider the number of days you can hunt and the trophy uality of the animals, the prices are reasonable. Utah has a limited number of landowner tags a ailable for purchase. There are two landowner tag systems in Utah. One system is the Cooperati e ildlife Management Unit C MU where landowners are given tags for their property. andowners ha e liberal seasons and can transfer these tags as desired. n exchange for these tags, landowners must let a certain number of resident draw hunters hunt their land. The second landowner tag system is more like the other states where landowners are issued tags for a speci c unit. These tags may be transferred to anyone, and the hunter can hunt the entire unit during the season he selects. There are several states that donate commissioner or go ernor type tags to non-pro t organi ations. These tags are usually auctioned o online or at ban uets to raise money for wildlife habitat pro ects. State tags, as they are often called, o er the opportunity to hunt the entire state howe er, some of these tags re uire you to pic one unit in the state, depending on state regulations. We will be listing all available landowner tags for 2017 on our website. e ha e found that this is the fairest and most efficient way to handle landowner tags. encourage anyone who is interested in landowner tags to sign up for noti cations so you are aware of when new tags are posted. f you ha e any uestions or are loo ing for that special tag, please gi e us a call and we will do our very best to get you out there hunting. LOUIS POLISH, MULE DEER NEVADA WITH MOGOLLON RIM OUTFITTERS