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APPLICATION TIPS S TA F F A R T I C L E SHANDI MARTINEZ W LICENSE APPLICATION SERVICE MANAGER ith the upcoming deadlines for Arizona and Wyoming, here are a few tips in addition to the state sections to help you navigate the application process. ARIZONA Arizona finally figured out the whole PointGuard thing by their second deadline last year. In a nutshell, you can pay $5 extra per species when you apply, and in the event that you draw a tag and can’t use it, you will be able to have your points reinstated. Only one hunt permit-tag may be surrendered per species. If you draw in the future for that particular species, that hunt- permit tag must be used, expending all accumulated bonus points. Only then can you participate again in PointGuard. In order to purchase the PointGuard, you have to have an online customer portal account, which also gives you access to your draw results a few days earlier. Signing up for a portal account is pretty easy; you have to create a username and password and they will send you a validation email. Once you validate your account, you have to enter your personal information so that it can link to your applications. If you don’t get your validation email right away, check your spam folder. 22 If you are applying for elk and antelope, you have to check out separately for each species as they do not have a shopping cart. You have to purchase a license to apply in Arizona. If you purchased a license last year, the system will likely show your license number, but it should tell you if it is about to expire. You have to have a valid license on the day of the application deadline or your application will be rejected. If you are applying for both elk and antelope and have to purchase a new license on the first one, it should show your license number on your second application, but they have had some problems with this in the past. If your license number doesn’t come through, call them to get your license number, don’t purchase another license. It will take them quite a while to refund a duplicate license, if they refund it at all. When applying for elk, pay attention to the unit description and make sure it says Bull Elk or Any Elk unless you want a cow tag. I write about this every year because I get a call from a heartbroken member every year who burned their points on an antlerless elk tag on accident. Arizona is a great state to build points in for your kids as they only change $5 for the youth license fee and they can start applying when they’re 10 years old. WYOMING So far, Wyoming hasn’t changed much with their system except that they added some security measures to make sure you are not a robot. Wyoming is much more forgiving than most states in that you can modify or withdraw an application after you submit it, if you apply online. You can’t turn your tag back if you draw, but if something comes up before the withdrawal deadline, you can withdraw your application and apply for points only between July and October. Wyoming has also started crediting cards for refunds rather than sending checks, so you’ll get your refund a lot quicker if you have to withdraw. I get a lot of questions about what the different types of licenses mean, so here’s a quick breakdown. Types 1 and 2 are for antlered or any, with any meaning you can harvest an animal of either sex. Type 3 is usually for antlered or any whitetail deer. Types 4 and 5 are antlerless only. Types 6 and 7 are doe/ fawn, cow/calf, or ewe/lamb. Type 8 is doe/fawn whitetail deer, reduced price cow/calf elk, and reduced price doe/ fawn antelope. Type 9 is for archery only hunts. Type 0 is for Specialty Weapon Only, excluding archery, so usually muzzleloader only hunts. Wyoming is also a good state to build points for your kids in, at least for deer, elk, and antelope, as they only charge $10 each for youth points. Sheep and moose, on the other hand, are full price. RAFFLE TAGS In this issue, we cover all of the reservation and conservation tags that we know of. We also have a paragraph about raffle tags in each state section that offers them. Some states make it very simple to participate in the raffle and you can purchase tickets at the same time you’re applying. Some states, however, make it quite difficult. Some of the raffle tags are given to non-profit organizations to raffle off, and they don’t all have the best system to do so. This is why we offer a Raffle Tag program as part of our License Application Service. You might feel like you’re throwing your money away, and in some cases you will be, but you might just get lucky, and most of the time the money goes toward conservation. Our clients have had some great luck in these raffles, especially with sheep tags. It might be worth throwing your name in the hat a few times. We have lowered our prices for this service to $10 per drawing no matter how many tickets you buy, and you don’t have to apply for the regular state draws through our service to participate in the Raffle Tag program. Let us know if you need help applying for any state draws or raffles. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have or to just do it for you. For more helpful hints on applying, see our new License Application feature in each state section.