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MEMBERSHIP DRIVES BY VANESSA HUNT F LEAD EDITOR or over a decade, we have held our semi-annual Membership Drives, one in the winter and one in the summer. The Membership Drives have evolved over the years, resulting in a complete revamp of the system last year when we added two tiers of prizes. This revamp was a direct result of feedback from our members. In addition to the feedback we received to change up our giveaways, one of the comments most often heard was the desire for more visibility in the process. And that is just what we’ll be giving you in this article. Each Membership Drive is planned out months in advance. Between the PHAs and our management team, they review which hunts were most popular in the last drive and also brainstorm new and exciting hunts to add to the next drive. Together, they decide what to offer in the Membership Drive, keeping to a relatively set budget. This AUSTIN ATKINSON AND JERROD LILE DRAWING A WINNER ON FACEBOOK LIVE FOR THE 2018 WINTER MEMBERSHIP DRIVE includes reaching out to our Endorsed Outfitters to provide top of the line outfitted hunts with outfitters we know and trust. We want to ensure the hunts we are giving away are going to be exciting, enjoyable dream hunts for the lucky winners. On 10 AUSTIN ATKINSON CALLING A MEMBERSHIP DRIVE HUNT WINNER On top of deciding on the hunts, this team also looks at what products we want to offer as prizes. This entails our Advertising Coordinator reaching out to our Endorsed Advertisers to partner with them to offer great new products within the actual drawings and as add-ons for weekly and monthly giveaways. This allows us to offer more prizes than just the regular hunt giveaways. We appreciate our members and want to offer them every opportunity to win something special for their next hunt. Within the new overhaul of the Membership Drives, we have done away with hard copies of tickets and turned towards a more electronic system, which greatly reduces the possibility of errors. Each participant’s entries are kept track of online on our website and within our Membership Database. With the Huntin’ Fool website, participants are able to login and see which hunts they have entries in.