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JEFF WARREN PROFESSIONAL HUNT ADVISOR OUTFITTER SPECIALIST H ow can the 2016 hunting season already be in the rearview mirror? It was my most anticipated personal hunting season that I can remember in my 59 years, and now it is gone. With numerous opportunities to hunt with over-the-counter tags in many different states and the extremely lucky year I had drawing coveted tags, I was able to hunt Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, Coues deer, mule deer, whitetail deer, black bear, elk, and turkey, both Rio and Merriam’s. I was very fortunate to harvest most of the animals I had tags for. I used archery equipment, a high- powered rifle, muzzleloader, and shotguns to help get the job done on the many different hunts. It is amazing to consider and comprehend the amount of equipment that it seems to take to hunt nowadays compared to what I made do with in my younger years. I am currently in the mode of cleaning, organizing, and putting away all of this equipment. I have a different duffle bag for turkey hunting, big game rifle hunting, and big game muzzleloader hunting. When I throw these bags in my truck, I know that I have everything I need for the hunting trip I am going on. My truck is a very important piece of equipment, and without it and all the gear that it carries, I am crippled. I know that when I jump into my truck I will have everything I need for the traveling part of the trip. It takes planning to keep it stocked and ready to roll. One duffle bag carries all of the gear I need to sleep comfortably when I tent camp in areas that can be reached by truck or ATV, and I keep all of my backpacking gear in another. Keeping all of this equipment clean, organized, and in good working order takes time and effort, but the payoff is not having to search for items or having problems occur when there is hunting to be done. December is the month when all of the Professional Hunt Advisors at Huntin’ Fool are back in the office and the conversations about the past hunting season are many. It’s a lot of fun listening to stories and taking notes. You as members need to call us and let us help you with your hunting needs. We don’t have all of the answers, but we have a lot of them. We are all passionate about hunting multiple states and multiple units for many different species every year. We all learn something JEFF’S 2016 MONTANA WHITETAIL DEER 6 new every hunting season, and when you pool this information, it is extensive. We are here to share this knowledge with you, and we look forward to your calls and emails. If Alaska is on your radar, pay close attention to the pages dedicated to applying in Alaska in this issue. It is covered in depth and is easy to understand. If questions pop up, give us a call. We are offering many world-class hunts in our 2017 Winter Membership Drive. These hunts are chosen by the Professional Hunt Advisors, and they are some of the best hunts money can buy. Take a few minutes and get your name in the hat. You can’t win if you don’t participate! Remember, if hunting the West is part of your current or future plans, your membership to Huntin’ Fool is one of the most important tools you have. Good luck in the many state draws that are in the months ahead, and don’t forget to send us the photos and stories from your successful hunts that are now in your rearview mirror.