COVID-19 & Wildfire Status for Hunters

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State-by-State Notes

As of August 11, 2020 all arriving non-residents must arrive at the airport with negative Covid test results of a test taken within the previous 72 hours. Pending test results will not be accepted. The option to test on site at the arrival airport or quarantine for 14 days instead will no longer be available. The Health Declaration form is available now so you know what must be completed when you arrive at the first Alaska airport on your travel plans.

Many smaller towns and villages have their own strict requirements for outsiders arriving in their towns, make sure to check with the local government or borough. Keep in mind that Ravn Alaska airlines closed their doors and have cancelled all flights throughout the state. Make sure to figure out your flying options because many flights have been modified or cancelled. See more online at or at the State of Alaska Response Page

The Board of Game passed today (June 3) Proposal #1 to allow the creation of a spring 2021 brown bear hunt season in unit 9 (Alaska Peninsula) for non-residents and residents. One amendment was made to not allow residents that hunted in the spring 2020 season to register and hunt again in 2021. Season dates will be May 10-31, 2021 in units 9A and 9B and May 10-25, 2021 in units 9C, 9D, and 9E. The fall 2021 season will still be offered as planned.

The Board of Game passed today (June 3) Proposal #2 to allow the adjustment to move all drawing permits for units 1-3 for the 2020 spring season forward to the spring of 2022. Because all of the spring hunts in 2021 have been issued by the draw already, the permits must be jumped forward to 2022. Permit holders have been contacted and there will be a deadline to choosing to move the year associated with their permit(s). Brown bear hunts for the 2020 spring season in unit 8 (Kodiak Island) will be available to be slid to 2021 for non-residents and to spring 2022 for residents. A drawing for the non-resident spring 2021 season permits will not take place in the next draw period. Permit holders for DB376 (unit 10 Unimak Island) for the spring 2020 season will be pushed to the spring 2021 season in addition to the permits already awarded. This will effectively double the number of spring hunters on Unimak island for the spring 2021 season. The bear hunts in unit 14C were removed from this modification by the board and will not be adjusted. Hunt DB987 in unit 26B was also removed from this proposal. All changes and extensions will end on July 1, 2021 as that is the sunset for these proposals. 

More updates are available on their AZGFD covid-19 status page

Most all National Forest lands, wildlife areas, wilderness areas, and trailheads are CLOSED to all hunters and visitors due to extreme fire danger. See more at the National Forest website and the press release at

There may be a chance for tag return and preference point reinstatement. See the CDFW News website for more information.

All travel across the Canadian/U.S. Border is suspended for non-essential travel with no defined open date. All hunts for non-resident aliens are cancelled for US citizens. If you had a hunt booked for this fall season, you should keep in close contact with your outfitter and travel agent to make arrangements. The outlook does not look good for Americans to embark on Canadian hunts at any time this season. See current restrictions at the Canada Border Services Agency website.

Most of the state is opening up in a multi-phase manner. See updates on the Status Page.

All arriving residents and visitors will immediately go into a 14-day self quarantine upon entering the state (effective through July 31). Beginning September 1st, all arriving passengers must have a test taken no more than 72 hours before arriving in Hawaii and provide results. The entire sheep and deer season on the island of Lana'i has been cancelled for this year, no exceptions will be made. 

All seasons and license/tag purchases are now open and available, however, nonresident elk and deer tags are sold out as of June 26, 2020. If you still need a tag, check the returned tag list each month for available tags and sale dates/times.

Currently the Hunter Education courses will not require a mandatory field day to complete the course. This is a good opportunity to take their online Hunter and/or Bowhunter Education courses and skip the field day requirement. Fish and Game offices are temporarily closed.

No current closures/quarantines reported at this time.

If you travel to the state from AL, AZ, AR, FL, or SC you must self-quarantine for 14 days prior to hunting. More updates are available at 

No closures for hunting/fishing seasons are reported at this time.

All visitors are required self-quarantine for two weeks or get tested for COVID-19. Visitors from New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey are exempt from this requirement. For visitors from the remaining 44 states, adults who receive a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of arrival can forgo the 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Maine.

The online courses and mandatory field days have been available to adults for a tuition fee of $25 for hunter education and $30 for bowhunter education. The in-person courses have always been, and will remain, free. However, since the in-person options aren’t feasible under Phases 1 and 2 of Gov. Steve Bullock’s Reopening the Big Sky plan, FWP will cover the online tuition fees for all Montana residents until the state reaches Phase 3 of the plan and in-person hunter and bowhunter education courses are available once again. Covid-19 Response Page on the MTFWP website

No known hunting season changes at this time.

NDOW offices are closed until further notice. Updates will be posted on their Response page.
New Mexico

New Mexico has began the process of closing things down once again. At this time, non-residents entering the state for any reason that is non-essential must self-quarantine at a residence or place of lodging for a period of 14 days. 

At this time, NO fall hunting season changes are expected but we hope the mandatory quarantine is lifted before most seasons begin. More information is available at

Due to extreme fire restrictions and closures of many hunting areas to access, the Oregon DFW has created a webpage for important updates. Tag holders may have a chance to get a refund and/or point reinstatement if the hunt area has restricted access for the entire season. See more updates from ODFW's website.

Oregon announced that non-residents began fishing and hunting again in Oregon on May 5, 2020. If you could not use your spring hunt tag due to Covid-19, you may get a refund or reinstatement of preference points. Due to a pneumonia outbreak, all of the Lookout Mtn. Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep hunts have been cancelled for the 2020 season. These hunts were not available in the draw.

On July 1, the Keystone State introduced travel restrictions for residents returning from 15 states. “If you have traveled, or plan to travel, to an area where there are high amounts of COVID-19 cases, it is recommended that you stay at home for 14 days upon return to Pennsylvania. If you travel to the following states, you will need to quarantine for 14 days upon return: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.”
South Dakota

State parks are currently open with no restrictions. No hunting season changes have been reported.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) will continue to stay current with the latest public health recommendations and will announce changes at the Texas Parks & Wildlife website.

No changes are expected for fall hunting seasons. Utah is now allowing hunter education courses to be completed with a virtual online-field day activity. See more information

Fishing and black bear/turkey hunting seasons reopened on May 5th. Check the WDFW website for more information.

All licenses cannot be returned or surrended after the draw. You can still purchase any preference points prior to November 2 even if you did not apply in the draw!


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