Positive Big Game Hunt Coverage by The Wall Street Journal

After all the recent negative publicity from the media on big game hunts, the Wall Street Journal helped shed some light on how hunting is a sport, passion, and luckily a lifestyle that we all love and share.

Unfortunately, those that disagree with us decide to try and have a louder voice in sharing any negative coverage they can about hunters and hunting. These people that don’t hunt don’t understand how much more there is to this lifestyle than just a kill shot that they see. No, that is not what hunting is all about. Not even close.


Fortunately, our partner KUIU has had the opportunity to personally work with The Wall Street Journal in producing an honest, balanced, and positive message about hunting and the industry – showing what it is all about!

Hunting is a sport, passion, and luckily a lifestyle https://goo.gl/I2Xn9X
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Wall street journal big game hunt

Brad Cleveringa, Alaska Caribou

Now that there is such great media coverage on a positive article showing hunting and what it truly is all about, let’s make it count.   Tweet this! It is time for our voices to be heard and to silence the anti-hunters out there.  Let’s support this story and the hard work that went into getting this coverage! 

I’m a #hunter and proud of it! #WallStreetJournal #BuiltToHunt
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Please share this article with everyone you know to keep this beautiful lifestyle in the mainstream news and in such a positive and accurate light.  

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