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2015  Story Contest Sponsored by Huntin’ Fool and Vortex

If you were lucky enough to harvest a big game animal this season, make sure you don’t miss out on trying your luck at winning some of our amazing prizes for our 2016 Story Contest. This year’s contest offers our members the chance to win Vortex Razor 12×50 HD binos, Mathews Flagship model bows, Browning X-Bolt rifles, Hilleberg Akto tents, and prize packages chock-full of over $160 worth of gear.

Send Huntin’ Fool your photos and stories to see if your luck continues to bring you brag-worthy prizes. And don’t forget, just for sending us your story and signing an exclusivity contract you get your choice of any one piece of our Huntin’ Fool branded gear – no luck required!

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WRITING AND SUBMITTING A STORY Most people don’t see themselves as writers, and sometimes the task seems so daunting that it’s procrastinated until most of the details are forgotten. Don’t let the task overwhelm you, just keep it real and tell it like it was.

  1. Start with the facts and a basic outline, then fill in the details.
  2. Be specific with details and exciting moments.
  3. It’s always a nice touch if your passion for hunting shows through.

The most challenging part about writing a story is editing it down after your initial draft. You don’t need to chronicle each day.

  1. Cut out details that aren’t important, entertaining, or teach something about hunting that unit or species.
  2. Instead of writing a novel for each day, combine days that were similar or unproductive into one or two paragraphs. As you read through your rough draft, think, “If I cut this, is the story just as good?”
  3. Boil your story down to the important parts.

Your story should be anywhere from 500-1,200 words or about 2 pages in a normal word processing document. I know it’s short, but longer stories end up being very text heavy and don’t leave any room for your photos. Stories that are substantially longer than 1,200 words will have to be cut down by our editor.

If you only have one or two photos, your story will need to be short. If you have a lot of good photos, you will want to shoot for the 1,200 word range. You can send as many pictures as you would like, and we will choose the ones we need. We need the largest digital files you have, either by uploading to our website, saving to a disc, or by email. Please be sure to send the original photos, unaltered and at their highest possible resolution. If you are unsure if your email program is automatically downsizing the quality of your photos, be safe and upload the photos through our website or save the originals to a disc or drive and mail them to us.

When emailing your stories to us:

  • Subject line should include location of the hunt, species, and author’s name
  • Body of the email should include your name, address, and phone numbers with area codes (home, work, and cell).

This allows us to easily contact you if we have questions about your story. We also offer the option to upload your stories and photos through our website at

Generally, the stories with the best photos and the largest animals are our first priority to print. Stories are chosen 2-3 months before each issue is printed. The earlier you submit your story, the better chance you have of getting printed. And remember, if you have video footage of your hunt, send that in too. It’s always fun to include a video link for our members to experience your harvest as close to real life as possible.


Vortex HD Binoculars


Mathews Flagship Model Bow

ALL HUNTIN’ FOOL COVERS We are excited to have Vortex Optics as our Title Sponsor for 2016! We are offering 12 of our lucky members the incredible Vortex Razor HD 12×50 binoculars for making our 2016 covers. These binos have a well earned reputation for pushing the limits of optical performance. They are small, light, bright, strong, and packed with the best quality. For your chance at winning our Cover Prize, send us your best photos of your best harvest.

MEMBERS’ CHOICE STORY CONTEST For 2016, we have three coveted hunting essentials as options for those of you who are picked as our members’ favorite story. You will get your choice of one of these three incredible prizes: a Hilleberg Akto tent, a Browning X-Bolt rifle, or a Mathews flagship model bow. Don’t forget that this contest also includes our internet published Web Stories, so even if your story doesn’t make the limited pages of our magazine, you can still win one of these incredible prizes.


Hilleberg Akto Tent

Go to every month to vote for your favorite stories.

ALL PRINTED STORIES Even if you don’t get chosen as one of the Covers or a Members’ Choice story, you still get FREE gear! For every story that is printed in our magazine, the author will receive a Huntin’ Fool Story Prize Package valued at $160. This package includes five excellent Huntin’ Fool gifts: a hooded pullover, a t-shirt, a hat, a decal, and a $50 gift credit to be used on anything in our online store. Take the time to share your story and we’ll reward you big time.

ALL SUBMITTED STORIES WITH EXCLUSIVITY It doesn’t get much better than this! Just for submitting your story and signing an exclusivity contract to Huntin’ Fool, you get your choice of ANY one Huntin’ Fool branded item from our online store (excluding hooded pullovers). Even if you don’t get printed or chosen for a contest, you still get rewarded. No other magazine rewards you for your hard work like Huntin’ Fool does. We understand the importance of our members’ first hand experiences of their hunts. We know that sharing these experiences with our members will help better their hunting strategies, and we want to reward you for that valuable information.Story Contest Vortex Huntin Fool

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