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If you want to win a 28 Nosler Red Rock Precision gun and Kowa Highlander 32x binoculars, you need to be in the drawing!

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28 Red Rock Precision Gun

Take a look at the first commercial that aired on Huntin’ Fool TV on the Sportsman Channel! They are also proud to introduce the new 28 Nosler and gun cleaning tips videos! Let us know what you think and don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Win the latest caliber in Red Rock’s long range lineup. The 28 Nosler has more than surpassed our expectations.

About Red Rock Precision:

The ultimate goal at Red Rock Precision is to assure that our customers are given the highest quality long range shooting system in the field today. Our success has been proven over years of experience and continues to produce results for hunters all over the world.

Red Rock Precision, located in Morgan Utah along the base of the Wasatch Mountains, was co-founded by Curt Pilcher and Todd Sholly. Together we have formulated a process that has surpassed others being second to none. With a variety of combinations in our shooting system we are committed to meet your specific needs. Satisfaction is not an option as we continue to test our products seeking new ideas and information to keep our shooting system elite.

Our true passion is spending time with family and friends in the great outdoors. The source of our most accomplished achievement comes through the testimonials of those enjoying our custom rifles. We look forward to helping you keep the Second Amendment alive and well.


Kowa Highlander 32x binoculars

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The Kowa Highlander 32x

The Kowa Highlander features 82mm diameter, 450mm focal length (F/5.48) objectives that are fully multi-coated to enhance viewing, ensuring clear visual range and sharp images. The 32x eyepieces are designed to provide a wide field of view with ample eye relief for easy and less tiring viewing. Optional interchangeable 50x and 21x eyepieces are also available. The Highlander is designed not only for astronomy but also to fulfill the needs of observation and surveillance professionals.

Besides the standard “achromatic” objectives, Kowa has designed a “Prominar Apochromat” model with fluorite crystal objectives for those seeking highest-possible optical performance. These fluorite lenses eliminate false color (chromatic aberration), which improves resolution and contrast.

The Highlander’s strong yet lightweight die-cast aluminum housing is extremely durable, with a rigid structure that can endure hard usage. Weight is just 13.6 pounds with the standard 32x eyepieces. The housing is waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent internal fogging. Individual-focus eyepieces are set at a 45 degree angle, allowing for easy, long term observation of both terrestrial and astronomical targets. Also included are built-in retractable dewshields that help protect against stray light and moisture.

Options include a selection of tripods/mounts, a high-quality aluminum carrying case, as well as wide-angle 21x and high-power 50x Kowa eyepiece pairs.

About Kowa Sporting Optics:

Since its establishment in 1894, KOWA has grown into a multinational Japanese company actively engaged in various manufacturing and trading activities in the fields of optics, pharmaceutical, life science and information technology, textiles, machinery and various consumer products. With its long heritage, KOWA has constantly strived to meet ever changing needs, and with its continuous entrepreneurial initiative is determined to meet the demands of future generations.

The Electronics and Optics division of KOWA began the production of spotting scopes in 1952. Originally, they were developed as scopes for examining targets in shooting matches and saw official use in 1964 Olympic Games held in Tokyo. Once discovered by birdwatchers, they gained unexpected popularity which gradually spread throughout the world of nature observations. Kowa Sporting Optics are highly appreciated as it is widely known that their quality and reliability are the result of more than half a century of experience and development.

The PROMINAR line which includes models utilizing pure Fluorite crystal to achieve optical characteristics unattainable with glass, is the gold standard of serious users.

Based on our experience that optics have to travel and endure all types of adverse environmental conditions, KOWA Sporting Optics are designed to be rugged yet lightweight, without comprimising optical performance. The shapes of our products and their protective covers are ergonomically designed to optimize ease of use, and Eco-Glass is utilised in all lenses. KOWA offers a wide variety of products that provide quality optical performance for the outdoor enthusiast.

Whether you are a beginner or an experiences professional, KOWA has the right spotting scope or binocular what will exceed your expectations.


Manfrotto Tripod

long range hunting tripod

Manfrotto provide some of the highest quality tripods in the world

Manfrotto provides a wide range of photographic kits that include an optimal combination of tripod and head suggested by Manfrotto. Expertise, quality and dedication to continuous innovation make these products the perfect solution for all photographers and videographers looking for the perfect kit to achieve all their photographic ambitions.

When you opt for a Tripod with Head Kit, you’re getting the advantage of a number of key benefits. You’re sure that the components of both tripod and head are a perfect match for each other, yet in almost all cases, you’ll still be free to swap either the head or the tripod or use it with many other Manfrotto products. You can choose among different kitted versions, designed to be the perfect solution for specific photographic styles and camera types. Some of the most important things to look at when choosing a tripod kit are materials, weight, dimensions and payload. Each model has its own technical specifications that influence the results you obtain using them.

Most of the kits also include a bag or carry strap or other specific accessories designed to offer you the most comfortable transportation experience and easy access to your equipment in all types of situations.


About Manfrotto

Based in Northern Italy at Cassola, Manfrotto designs, manufactures andmarkets a wide range of camera and lighting support equipment for the professional photographic, film, theater, live entertainment and video markets. The product line includes an extensive range of camera tripods and heads, lighting stands and accessories.

Manfrotto products are sold by its own distribution companies, Manfrotto Distribution, in China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, plus independent distributors in over 65 countries around the world! The unrivalled strength of the international distribution network and the team efforts between the company and the distributors is a key element in the success of the lines. The group owned distribution companies provide direct access to the market, trends and requirements which is essential in keeping the company at the forefront of development and innovation.

It has become a tradition of Manfrotto to continually invest in the latest technology together with constant assessment of the product range, production needs and consumer trends. This policy maintains the highest standard of quality at all stages and set the standards others follow.

Manfrotto Products are manufactured by the Manfrotto Supports and Manfrotto Bags units.

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