Win a $21,500 Alaska Range Dall Sheep Hunt

Hunt #5: Alaska Range Dall Sheep Hunt with Alaska Dall Sheep Guides

Weapon(s): Any Weapon

Dates: August 10-19, 2017

Value: $21,500, winner is responsible for licenses, permit fee, and travel to McGrath, Alaska.

 Journey to the Alaska Range for Dall Sheep with outfitter Mont Mahoney of Alaska Dall Sheep Guides. These remote hunts take place in a high success area where you will pursue rams averaging 36-38″. Start your 10-day outfitted hunt on opening day of the 2017 season alongside Huntin’ Fool‘s own Professional Hunt Advisor, Austin Atkinson, who will be your guide on this adventure-of-a-lifetime!

About Alaska Dall Sheep Guides

Our guides are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality hunt you have
experienced and are skilled at making your hunt a safe and successful trip! You will not
be hunting with a ‘rookie’ guide in our camps.
You will access base camp via our very own Piper Super Cub airplane piloted by your outfitter himself, Mont Mahoney.  Mont has over 20,000 hours of flight time and is a retired Alaska Airlines captain.  His experience and decision-making skills will ensure you have a safe and pleasant flight to and from sheep camp.
We base our hunts out of a comfortable base camp with excellent food and spacious tents.  Occasionally smaller spike camps will be used to better enable the guide to get you in on a big ram.
Your degree of success in your sheep hunt directly correlates with your degree of physical and mental preparation.
Make sure you develop a plan for getting in “Sheep Shape” including:

– A strong cardio workout at least 3 times a week

– Back strength training (squats, leg press)

– Various hikes with your hiking boots, backpack, and gear

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