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Filtering Hunt Data

September 2020
Author: Paul Damron

Let’s face it, knowledge is key to a successful hunt, and success can be measured in a number of ways. For years now, companies in the hunting industry have tried to hone in on this success. They have developed tools, published magazines and blogs, and utilized YouTube to help fill a knowledge gap.

I think we are all the same. We want to explore and be able to have a successful hunt no matter where we choose. In my first article, I discussed how technology has been a tremendous tool and states have caught on. A large number of states have created tools to help hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, but they are missing a key feature. Everyone wants to understand trophy potential or harvest success. In our Hunt Planner, you can do just that. I’ll hit on this a little later.

For years, I have had the opportunity to hunt deer and elk in Central and Southern Utah. It has been a great experience raising my own family in the same traditions. However, now that I get to share this with my four boys, I want to take them to other states and create new experiences. Sounds like a great idea, right? But wait, I would have no idea where to start. Thankfully, Huntin’ Fool has been logging years of data, and data is key.

Our Hunt Planner tool allows you to take scouting to the next level by filtering our proprietary state data. Huntin’ Fool’s Hunt Advisors have an in-depth understanding among several species and states. They understand what you need to know. This data is gold. We knew we had to get it in the Hunt Planner so users could filter it for themselves.

The Hunt Planner Filtering allows you to choose among species, weapon, state, trophy potential, and more. The magic happens after you click submit. Within seconds, you can filter not just one state, but several. This option breaks down boundaries. If you are looking for a specific opportunity but don’t know what state to hunt, simply leave it blank. Let our database do the heavy lifting. After that magic happens, you have the opportunity to dive deep into all the data we publish within our magazine.

As always, don’t forget to check out our “Mapping Minute” on the Huntin’ Fool YouTube channel to better understand how our filtering system works.