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Crispi Colorado GTX

July 2019
Author: Garth Jenson

Named after the state where success is usually found in the high country around 13,000 feet, the Crispi Colorado GTX is built to get you there, help you succeed, and get you home with a heavy pack. The Colorado upper is made out of water-repellent suede, high-resistance fabric and is lined with Gore-Tex performance lining to ensure maximum waterproof action. Optimum ankle support for sidehilling and heavy pack outs is provided with the added Ankle Bone Support System (ABSS). A polyurethane-coated leather rand is triple stitched around the base of the boot to protect the foot from external impacts. The boot is rounded off with a dual density polyurethane Vibram sole, which provides comfort in high impact areas as well as grip in the nastiest of conditions.

"I have always gravitated towards a lighter weight boot, which lead me to the Crispi Summit. I loved the weight of the Summit and how well it held up over the course of a year, but it just wasn't stiff enough for me in steep, loose terrain. Enter the new Crispi Colorado. The Colorado, even though more rigid, required a very little break-in period as has been the case with all my Crispi boots. I was pleasantly surprised with the room in the toe box. Other, stiffer mountaineering style boots can often have a narrow toe box that will cause blistering when going up and especially down steep terrain. The Colorado reminds me of an all-terrain tire. They perform well under all types of terrain, but if you never leave the trail and stay on flat land, there are more flexible boots for this. If you are in the steepest of slopes and need to kick out footholds, there are stiffer boots that would work better. However, 90% of all of my hunting is somewhere in between and the Colorado fits this style perfectly." - Garth Jenson, Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $360

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