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Hilleberg Anaris Tent

August 2019

Hilleberg's new Anaris tent, available spring of 2020, is a very light and roomy ridge tent constructed to be pitched with trekking poles. Offering an excellent combination of light weight, simplicity, and impressive comfort, the Anaris is ideal for hunters who carry trekking poles and want a high-quality, lightweight, roomy shelter for warm weather scouting trips and early season hunts where snow won't be an issue.

Part of the Hilleberg Yellow Label series, the Anaris weighs just 3 lb. 1 oz., yet offers a generous 43" of headroom and 28 sq. ft. of inner tent area as well as two entrances and two spacious vestibules. While offering full weather protection, it boasts excellent full-time airflow, thanks both to the curved patterning on the outer tent walls and full no-see-um mesh on the inner tent entrance walls, including the doors.

The new Anaris offers remarkable flexibility. Both doors on both vestibules can be partially or fully rolled away, allowing a myriad of venting options. In addition, either or both of the Anaris' sides can be rolled up. Like all Hilleberg tents, the Anaris has linked inner and outer tents, allowing either simultaneous pitching or separate use. Used on its own, the outer tent is a lightweight, supercharged tarp, thanks to its multiple options for rolling the ends or the sides, and the inner tent's full mesh ends make it a superb choice for bug protection in hot weather.

MSRP: $595

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