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Eberlestock F1 Mainframe Pack

March 2020

The F1 Mainframe represents what is arguably the greatest innovation in modern pack making, the holy grail of a great modular pack system. However, unlike any other pack system, with this loadbearing workhorse as a base, you can build a true ultra-light pack simply by adding one of our J2DB Dry Bags. The F1 is one of the primary base-platforms for the EMOD, the Eberlestock Modular System, and it works with an ever-growing number of complimentary accessories. Add components of your choice and the Mainframe can function as a freight pack, day pack, or all-around utility pack. For hunting, it transforms to a meat hauler within seconds.


  • Intex II aluminum frame
  • Zippered attachment points compatible with our duffles, drybags, and more
  • Full MOLLE webbing matrix covers main panel to attach scabbards, pouches, etc.
  • Three built-in horizontal compression straps for securing your gear
  • An adjustable ladder harness system makes customizing the fit quick and easy
  • The Tall version is 3.5" taller than the regular size
  • The Tall Mainframe is compatible with the same accessories and packs as the regular Mainframe
MSRP: $249-$279

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