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April 2022

When you start out on the Bridger Ridge Run, one of the most brutal, technical trail races anywhere, the first 2.25 of 20 miles climbs 1,800 feet to the summit of Sacagawea Peak, and then the real fun begins. Depending on your speed and luck, you’ve got four to eight hours to finish live through it. With an elevation gain of 6,800 feet and a 9,500-foot loss, you don’t want to have to think about your feet. Enter our Bridger Low Hikers, weighing in at just over two pounds of bedrock-like support and "Bring it on," water-tight durability that keeps breathing for you all day long. Whether you’re pushing your limits on the trail or knocking around town, these will be your warm weather go-to boots that will stretch into fall with a good sock. Locally designed and tested in our Bozeman, Montana backyard.

  • Lace-to-the-toe, super-light leather and nylon uppers cushioned for all-day comfort
  • Kenetrek Supportive Footbeds provide foundational arch support and a pronounced heel pocket
  • Highly breathable, water-tight construction
  • Protective rubber sheath and heel guard supply superior abrasion resistance
  • Weight-bearing, full-length nylon midsoles atop high traction Kenetrek KT-lightTM outsole
MSRP: $250
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