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November 2021

In an effort to give customers another choice of solid-colored clothing, CANIS is introducing “Beech,” a member of the brown color family, as a new colorway on three of their best- selling items. The Alpine Light Pants, Chamois Hooded 1/2 Zip, and Chamois 1/2 Zip will be released first this fall with other products soon to follow in the Beech color. The Alpine Light Pants have proven to be a great pant for early to mid-season hunts, and they are loaded with well thought-out extras like eight zippered pockets, leg vents, and built-in gaiters. The Chamois 1/2 Zip and Hooded 1/2 Zip are currently offered in Alpha Camo and Grape Leaf (green) and can be worn as an outer layer for warmer days or as an insulation layer when temperatures drop.
Also being released this fall, popular items like the Altai Jacket and Vest, currently just available in Grape Leaf, will be offered in their proprietary Alpha Camo pattern, and brand new items will be introduced like the Altai Beanie and Storm Balaclava.
MSRP: Alpine Light Pants – $189, Chamois Hooded 1/2 Zip – $119, Chamois 1/2 Zip – $109
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