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December 2019
Author: Vanessa Hunt

An important aspect of any business is a functioning, easy to navigate, informational website. Through the years, Huntin’ Fool’s website has seen many iterations, and we’re thrilled to announce that we have launched a new website! It is at the same URL,, but it has an entirely new look and feel. Older features that you’ve seen on the website before have been updated, but we have also added a multitude of new features that we’re sure you’ll love. While I encourage you to jump online to check out the new website for yourself, I want to highlight some of the exciting things you should look for.


Each time you login, make sure you check out the “My Dashboard” section. Here, you’ll find quick links to the eMag, Story Submissions, Draw Odds, and Landowner Tags. The most exciting parts of this section, though, are the Announcements and Upcoming Deadlines. You’ll find pertinent information regarding Huntin’ Fool under Announcements, and you’ll never miss a deadline if you regularly check the Upcoming Deadlines. It’s everything you need neatly arranged in one convenient place.

While you’re checking out the Dashboard section, click the “My Profile” link to personalize your online Huntin’ Fool profile. Your profile allows you to update your email, mailing address, and password. You can decide which notifications you want to receive via the Subscriptions box, including email and/or text draw deadlines and alerts, hunt cancellation emails, and landowner tag alerts. Do you wonder when your membership is going to expire? Wonder no more as it is displayed under Membership Information on your profile. You can easily renew your membership with the click of a button. It saves you time and a phone call if you’ve had trouble navigating the online renewal option in the past. You can further personalize your profile by even adding a profile image. This section is really all about you!


If you’re looking for information on a specific subject, such as archery or gear, our articles are now sorted by topic! Instead of having to thumb back through your old magazines, trying to find a certain article, we’ve made it much easier to look back at an article that you want to revisit. Whether you want a Hunt Advisor’s opinion on a new pair of optics or you want to read a story about an Alaska Dall sheep hunt, you’ll find it here. The articles are also sorted by month, so the newer information is what you’ll see first. It’s one more avenue for you to find the pertinent information we provide our members.

Under the “Magazine” tab, you will find articles sorted by Staff Articles, Partner Articles, and Member Stories. Staff Articles includes Product Reviews, Soapboxes, and other miscellaneous articles written by Hunt Advisors each month. In Partner Articles, you’ll find What’s New features and Invited Guest articles. Member Stories is fairly self-explanatory. This is where you’ll find all printed and web stories from each month.

The “Articles by Topic” option is found under the “Apply” tab at the top of the Navigation bar. The topics you’ll find articles sorted into are Application Tips, Archery, Soapbox, Fitness, DIY, Hunt Strategy, Species Strategy, Step Inside Huntin’ Fool, Gear, Membership Drive Winners, What’s New, and Product Review. As we continue to add articles, the number of topics will increase so that you don’t have to spend precious time searching for the information you need. Articles are updated monthly as each magazine becomes available, so check back frequently to keep up with the digital versions of your favorite articles.


We’re continually building our?library of videos and podcasts,?and you can find them all?on our website. The Built to?Hunt Podcast is going strong,?and new episodes are being uploaded regularly. The?great thing about finding?podcast episodes on our website is that they are sorted by topic. These topics include State Draws & Application Tips, Advisor Insights, Species Strategies, Gear & Product Reviews, Hunt Stories, and Giveaways. You can also find a link to the listening platform you prefer for podcasts and download the latest episodes.

Our YouTube videos are sorted by topic and series so you can easily watch the videos you’re looking for. Keep up with “The Advisors” series, Huntin’ Fool information, and member videos on this page. Now you can go directly to our website to find a video without having to search around on YouTube. Our Media Producer has been out in the field all season gathering a ton of content, so check this page regularly to see new and exciting hunt videos. You can find great hunt entertainment and information right on the Huntin’ Fool website.

The new website is all about ease of use and offering everything a Huntin’ Fool member needs online. In this day and age, technology is a staple in our lives, and that is why we wanted to make our website the absolute best it can be. We’ll be adding more features in the upcoming months, so keep an eye on the site. We’ve got some really exciting new hunt planning tools planned that you don’t want to miss. Check out the new website, and contact us if you have any questions. We’re sure you’re going to love this new website just as much as we do!