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January 2019
Author: Vanessa Hunt

When we say that Huntin’ Fool is a resource for every hunter, we mean it. We specialize in providing help to hunters at every level. This is why we work hard to improve the research from application to harvest for each member of our community. This month, you’ll notice that the layout of our magazine has changed. We hope it brings you a better reading experience and allows you to better find the information you are looking for to figure out what states, species, and units you want to apply for. We have everything you need whether you are new to the game or have years of points built up.

In the past, our December issues have included a License Application Service booklet to give our members information on the application prices and fees of upcoming state draws. However, this year, we chose to update this booklet to include even more information and take a deeper look at states and species to help you as you get ready for application season. It has been included in the poly bag with this issue, and it is relevant for beginners to the most advanced, veteran hunters.

The pages of this updated booklet are species specific and then each page is broken down by state under each species. You’ll find an overview of information on what to expect for each big game species in each state. For example, if you’re interested in researching bighorn sheep hunting in Nevada, flip to the bighorn sheep section and check out the write-up on Nevada. You’ll get an idea about if it’s the right type of hunt for you to apply for. In addition to that, you can watch for the in-depth state section writeup in our April magazine and listen to podcasts about Nevada hunting. Our goal is to give you a variety of resources to help you save time and money and get you out in the field more.

This new booklet takes the information we put in our magazine and consolidates it into a quick go-to guide for application season. You can even take it out into the field with you when you’re hunting to share with your buddies and explore opportunities you may be missing out on. You can use this booklet to help yourself or a hunting buddy. Just passing along this information can lead to you winning a hunt-of-a-lifetime. Here’s how. If you refer a friend to Huntin’ Fool who signs up for a full membership and lets us know that you referred them, we’ll give you entries for the current Membership Drive. The more people you refer, the more entries you receive. Pass along a Huntin’ Fool booklet and show your friends just how valuable of a resource a Huntin’ Fool membership can be.

While it’s never too late to get into the application game, the point creep game can make it harder for you to get that hunt you really want. That’s why we offer you information on not only trophy units, but also opportunity hunts and information on how to get tags when you don’t have enough points to draw one. One of the best parts of hunting is just getting out in the field and searching for an animal while being surrounded by the beauty of nature. No matter what you are looking for in regard to species or type of hunt, you can rest assured that we are the experts with the resources available to help you realize your goals. From state sections and staff and invited guest articles to podcast episodes and outfitter referrals, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

The Huntin’ Fool community wouldn’t be what it is without the participation of our members. One of the greatest resources we have for members helping members is the Member Draw list. Remember to call in or request yours on our website once you have drawn a tag this season. Some of the most valuable information can be acquired from talking to members on these lists who have had actual boots on the ground in the previous years for the same hunt you’ve drawn a tag for. It’s a resource that should be at the top of your list when you’re looking at preparing for your hunt, even before you head out scouting or glassing.

Huntin’ Fool is here to help you find ways to get out in the field more often and enjoy the sport we all love. If you have any questions this application season, give us a call at 435-865-1020. Our Hunt Advisors are always ready and willing to help you out in any way they can.