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November 2018
Author: Vanessa Hunt

During the first six months of the year, our magazines are jam-packed with state section information. Sleepless nights and countless hours are spent in the office making sure we are bringing you the information that is going to benefit you as you work to get your applications in, hoping this will be the year you draw that tag you’ve been waiting for. Once application season is over, you may be tempted to set aside our magazine for the next few months. However, I encourage you to open all 12 issues every year and read them from cover to cover. Why? Because we are working to bring you more and better content each year. This year especially, we have spent our time in magazine meetings brainstorming how we can bring relevant content to our members within the pages of the July-December issues.

Last year, hopefully you noticed the changes in our November and December issues. We moved from writing state section previews, which restated information that had been published in our earlier state sections, to writing species articles. The thought process behind this was to give our members an overview of specific species and to highlight where they should be looking to apply if they want a specific species, especially a trophy.

To keep our magazine content fresh, we are changing up the articles in November and December again. This year, we are focusing on even more specific information, like a self guided moose hunt in Alaska and Utah general deer hunts. It is articles like these that allow the PHAs to further delve into their research to bring you the best and most up-to date information in the industry and to give you new and exciting content in our magazines that are published during the hunting season.

Additionally, if you haven’t picked up the July through October issues this year, you are missing out on some thoroughly researched and exciting content. Articles in those issues included Arizona Coues deer leftovers, hunting in New Zealand, archery hunting tips, opportunity hunt availabilities, Texas Desert bighorn sheep, hunting in Russia, Wyoming private land access programs, and much more!

The Soapbox each month also contains valuable information. These articles are open-ended topics for the PHAs. It gives them a chance to talk about upcoming Huntin’ Fool announcements, but it’s also a place where they can talk to you about what’s on their mind. For example, Stanton’s Soapbox this month focuses on grizzly bear. These articles give you an idea of things going on in the hunting world that you may be unaware of or that give you a PHA’s take on an issue. These articles are featured in every single issue of our magazine.

Some topics within the hunting world come up that we want to inform you about, but it might be outside the scope of our research. That’s why we ensure that throughout the year we include some Invited Guest articles. It allows us to bring in people who have more experience and expertise on specific topics, such as international hunts. This past year, we’ve run a few Invited Guest articles from Link’s Wild Safaris. Their articles on hunting in New Zealand and Russia were extremely informative, detailing what it takes to hunt there from start to finish. Expanding our reach of authors who provide content within our magazine allows us to expand our reach of content to you. When we say we are an all-encompassing hunting company, we mean it.

This time of year is extremely busy because, as you all know, it’s hunting season. The PHAs are in and out of the office, working on their articles, answering phone calls, and starting state section research all while getting out in the field to go on their hunts. It’s not uncommon to drop by a Hunt Advisor’s office and see him on the phone with a member and he’s still dressed in camo. With that being said, know that we are working our hardest to be as available as possible to you. However, sometimes there are hunts that overlap and our Hunt Advisors are out in the field at the same time. That’s when we invite you to check out our other resources until the Hunt Advisors return to the office to return your phone calls. On top of the great content we’re providing you in the magazine, you can also listen to our “Built to Hunt” podcast. These episodes are geared towards current issues and information.

Don’t miss the critical information in every issue of our magazine. We put a great deal of thought into the content we offer. Also, we want to make sure we’re covering the topics that are important to you. We value your opinion and your feedback. If you have any ideas or suggestions for article topics you’d like us to cover, please feel free to pass them along to us. You can send all suggestions to Happy hunting!