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September 2018
Author: Vanessa Hunt

As the summer weather turns cooler and daylight fades quicker, it’s time to put those tags you’ve drawn to good use. It also means the number of in-office staff at Huntin’ Fool begins to dwindle because the Hunt Advisors are taking their research tactics from behind a desk and in front of a computer out into the field. Hunting season is just as busy for our Hunt Advisors as application season because they are still working hard for our members while they are out in the field. From searching for areas where they have cell reception to answer member questions to hunting new units so they can expand their knowledge and offer up more research in state sections within the magazine, the Hunt Advisors are on the clock working for you.

While the Hunt Advisors are passionate about hunting and love getting out each season, looking to harvest that animal they’ve been looking for, they’re also still working out there. They are required to spend 50% or more of their hunting efforts each year trying out “exploratory” hunts, so the Hunt Advisors will apply for units they’ve never hunted before. This enables them to increase their knowledge to write the state sections at the beginning of the year. They check out terrain, look for spots with high populations, watch for areas affected by fires, and talk to biologists and locals to get a full lay of the land. The research they do via the state websites can only go so far. What really makes their knowledge worthwhile is having actual boots on the ground experience in different units.

This year, the Hunt Advisors have hunts planned across nine of the states we cover. From trophy hunts that take years to draw to over-thecounter and general tags, they are trying out different types of hunts to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information. We are proud to say that our office does not shut down during hunting season. While the Hunt Advisors are gathering information for next year’s state sections, you can utilize their research and state sections from the current year to help you be successful on your upcoming hunts. No matter what your situation is, we are here to help ensure you have the best experience possible.

Another important task the Hunt Advisors have in the field is testing out gear. As gear continues to get more technical and pricey, practical field experience enables them to advise on gear in addition to hunts. It is during these days out hunting that they test out the products we review within the Product Review section of the magazine. They vary the types of gear they are using to test out and compare different products from different brands. From clothing to optics to boots and more, they are testing out the latest products to make sure they are recommending the best gear to you.

When you think of Huntin’ Fool, we want you to think of the most personalized service in the industry. Never hesitate to give us a call, thinking you won’t get an answer. Our members are our priority. Be sure to listen to our “Built to Hunt” podcast episodes for even more information from the Hunt Advisors. We continue to add resources for our members that we believe will increase the value of the time you spend in the field each hunting season, and we hope they are helping you have successful hunting seasons.