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February 2018
Author: Vanessa Hunt

Huntin’ Fool offers many great services, including a seasoned License Application Department. For over 20 years, we have been taking care of clients’ state applications. While this service is separate from the membership that includes the monthly magazine, it is worth its weight in gold. If you are too busy to fill out your applications, you find the task to be too daunting, or you’d just like some help from the experts, our License Application Department is here to help you take care of all your application needs.


Our process begins in the fall with looking up the number of points each client has in each state. We try to give them the most accurate point numbers available, although some states aren’t updated at the time. This allows our clients to start thinking about their strategy for the year. If they are unsure, we are happy to provide them with suggestions based of off their point totals and the state research the Professional Hunt Advisors do throughout the year.


As the application season nears, we send out a renewal form to all of our clients. This form contains all of their personal information, hunting preferences, point totals, and what they applied for the previous year. This way, they can make changes for the upcoming year or just keep everything the same and mail the form back to us. Clients can also renew or sign up for our services over the phone. All four ladies in the License Application Department take calls and go over emails to renew or sign up new clients. In addition, the Professional Hunt Advisors will go over hunting strategies with any of our clients who request a consultation.

The sooner we receive forms from new and renewing clients the better as it allows us to have ample time to input and update information before we start applying. As an incentive to sign up or renew early and to reward loyalty to our service, we give a hunt away at the beginning of the year. Anyone who renews by the beginning of January gets their name in the hat for this hunt giveaway, and the longer someone has been a client the more entries they receive.

When we receive a new client or a renewal form, all of the information is input into our computer database and then a hard copy file is also created. When a client’s information has been input, someone else in this department checks it to make sure it was input correctly. Afterwards, a third person does a final check. This process ensures all clients’ information is correct in our system. Each client’s file is looked at three to four times before it is fled for the year.


When a state’s application period begins, we search in our database for everyone who is applying for whichever state we are beginning to apply for. We then print out a worksheet for every client, which includes their personal information, species they want to apply for, type of units they want, weapon choices, physical limitations, scheduling issues, outfitter preferences, points, and any other specific notes pertaining to the application. These worksheets are placed into binders and split between whomever is working on applications for that state. During the application process, we work directly with the Professional Hunt Advisors to choose the units our clients will be applied for.

Once units have been chosen, we go to the state’s website and apply each client based of off the information on their worksheet. After the application goes through, we print of and save the receipt from the state. When all applicants have been applied, the worksheets and receipts are given to the Professional Hunt Advisors to check and make sure all clients were applied correctly. The PHAs bring the worksheets and receipts back for a final check to make sure every client was applied before the deadline. This is necessary because so many clients add a state or sign up for our services after the initial print for that state. Our extensive check system ensures all applicants are applied and they never miss a deadline.

After all clients have been applied for a state, we bill them and upload their receipts to our website, which features a personal hunt portfolio where our clients can view their receipts. This gives them the reassurance they have been applied for the state(s) they requested and allows them to see what units they were applied for and what they were charged.

This same application process is repeated for all 52 deadlines throughout the year. At times, this requires us to work on several states at once as some deadlines fall very close together. As such, we work a lot of late nights and weekends to ensure our clients are applied prior to the deadline. We are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure our clients get in the draw.

When draw results are posted, we look up every client who applied in that draw. We then contact every client who was successful in drawing a tag. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the word “Successful” next to a client’s name. We share in their excitement when a highly sought-after tag is drawn.

Our License Application team is very dedicated and passionate about applying clients correctly. We understand how important hunting is to our clients. We enjoy interacting with our clients and seeing their successes, and we appreciate them trusting us with their passion. If you have any questions about our License Application Department or you would like to sign up for our service, give us a call at 435-865-1020 ext. 4.